7 of the trippiest music guests in Simpsons history
Spinal tap feature

We don’t know if you caught it, but on last night’s episode of The Simpsons, Homer ate a bunch of ‘unlabelled’ pills, subsequently got high and listened to Spaceman 3’s ‘Big City’. Weird, eh?

Well, maybe not that weird, given the history. You see, the show actually has had all kinds of special musical guests (some more strange than others) and they usually lead to wacky happenings in the town.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled a few of these memorably unusual musical appearances, that are, quite frankly, trippy to see in a family cartoon.

Johnny Cash

Spirit Fox

Probably the most famous of the ‘weird Simpsons celebrity appearances’. Homer eats a load of stomach-imploding chillies at once, and starts hallucinating. He sees a fox, that is later defined as the Spirit Fox, who tells him to go and find his soul mate. Johnny Cash voices that Spirit Fox.

Daryl Coley

Bleeding Gums Murphy

Bleeding Gums Murphy is an under-appreciated jazz legend in The Simpsons, and is actually voiced by one-time child Christian-singer, and member of Helen Stephens and the Voices of Christ, Daryl Coley. If it seems like a bit of random casting, that’s because it is.

The Dapper Dans

Homer's Barbershop

Remember the episode ‘Homer’s Barbershop Quartet’, where he forms a hit group called ‘The B-Sharps’? Well, the singing voices were actually done by a real Quartet, called The Dapper Dans, who mainly performed at Disneyland resorts around the world. As Barbershop Quartets go, they’re actually quite famous, but to think I thought that was Homer’s voice all this time…

Sir Mix-a-lot

Yes, in the Treehouse of Horror XVII, Sir Mix-a-lot does a parody of “Baby Got Back” to fit Homer’s obsession with eating fat people. Awesome.



Apparently, being a forgettable boyband wasn’t quite enough for N-Sync. Their guest appearance in the show involves them popping up out of nowhere, and attempting to stop Lt. Smash from subliminally recruiting people into the Navy through the medium of pop music.

Zooey Deschanel

Mary Spuckler

Nope, you’re not in an alternate universe. Zooey Deschanel is classed as a ‘music guest’ by The Simpsons, after she voiced Mary Spuckler, Bart’s hill-billy love interest, and sang a few songs. Re-watch the episode, you’ll never be able to un-know it now.

Spinal Tap

Spinal tap

Apparently, Spinal Tap are a real band now, after they appeared on The Simpsons episode ‘The Otto Show’, and caused a riot at one of their concerts. From not even existing to appearing on the most iconic show of all time and causing a riot: now that’s rock and roll.