5 expert tips for making the perfect cup of coffee
The Steam Yard Coffee

Where would you be without your hot cuppa every morning? If you can’t get enough caffeine in you’re life, you’re in luck because today is National Coffee Day.

To celebrate, we decided to learn a little more about the art that is brewing those beans.

We asked some lovely baristas from across Sheffield to share their expert tips with us. So, grab your notebook and a pen because it’s time to learn how to make the perfect coffee.

1. Use quality ingredients

Alex Mackay from Marmadukes says: “Our belief is fairly simple: that great coffee comes from striving for quality and understanding throughout every step of a coffee bean’s life – whether that be at the farm, roastery or as it drips down into a cup in our cafe.We source the majority of our coffee from Workshop Coffee due to their similar ethos for sustainable quality.

“This philosophy is also shared for the things we use to make our coffees, so we use carefully filtered water and only fresh, local milk from Our Cow Molly Dairy.”

Marmadukes, 22 Norfolk Row, Sheffield, S1 2PA, more info

2. Buy yourself a coffee grinder

Nick from The Steam Yard says: “Try to buy whole beans and get yourself as good a grinder as you can afford, even if it’s a hand grinder. Always make your coffee as fresh as possible.”

There are lots of different grinders out there to suit any budget. If you’re serious about making fresh coffee every day, it’s worth grinding your own beans every morning. Believe it or not, this little tip will make a massive difference to the taste of your java.

The Steam Yard, Aberdeen Court, 95-101 Division St, Sheffield, S1 4GN, more info

3. And, grind right before you brew

Tamper Coffee

Alex Morrell from Tamper says: “Whenever possible, grind your beans directly before brewing, or as close to the time as you can. The beautiful smell of freshly ground coffee is all flavour disappearing into the air, rather than into your cup.”

So, there’s no point grinding your coffee in bulk and storing it. In fact, that’s probably the worst thing you can do. You should store your coffee beans well so that they are fresh and then grind them right before you make yourself a brew.

Tamper, 9 Westfield Terrace, Sheffield, S1 4GH, more info

4. Be sure to ‘tap and swirl’

Milk Swirl Nosh

Jonathan Batty from Nosh says: “Once finished steaming your milk, always be sure to ‘tap and swirl.’ Simply knock the milk jug down on the surface a few times and then swirl the milk around the jug until it has a nice sheen to it. This helps remove the bigger, less attractive bubbles in the foam of the milk.”

If you want to ensure that the drink has a smooth texture to it, you need to remember this tip. Often, people make the mistake of just steaming the milk. In moments, the bubbles can start to open up and your foam will look messy.

Nosh, 67-69 Division St, Sheffield, S1 4GE, more info

5. It’s not all about presentation

Couch Coffee

Elisabeth Kamaris from Couch told us to remember it’s not all about presentation. When you’re brewing a coffee, don’t worry too much about making it look fancy. Instead, you need to focus on the taste as much as possible. She also mentioned that you should avoid using too much syrup as it covers up the taste of the coffee.

Couch, 29-31 Campo Lane, Sheffield, S1 2EG, more info

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Main image: The Steam Yard coffee