Forget Sam Smith – here’s the amazing James Bond theme we should have had

A few weeks ago we made our stance clear on Sam Smith’s theme for new James Bond film Spectre (we didn’t rate it very highly). But today we discovered its natural replacement.

While Smith’s ‘Writing’s on the Wall’ lacked what was needed to make it a classic, we’re convinced that the Bond producers need to go back to the drawing board and hire comedian and podcaster Adam Buxton.

Buxton today announced that he’d recorded his own masterpiece, publishing the song on Soundcloud and via his Twitter feed.

Behold the greatest theme you could ever imagine:

Titled simply ‘I Am James Bond’, Buxton’s stunning use of ‘Sophisticated Hula’ music (from a CD he bought 25 years ago called Beautiful Hawaii), takes Bond themes in a bold new direction, eschewing soaring John Barry instrumentals of old for a contemporary-yet-classic arrangement.

“I am James Bond / I have got a gun / I’m going to shoot my enemies in the legs and head / it will be fun” sings Buxton, clearly relishing lyrics that recall the likes of Leslie Bricusse’s ‘Goldfinger’ and ‘You Only Live Twice’.

The campaign to have ‘I Am James Bond’ added to the Spectre soundtrack starts here.