7 utterly badass Star Wars characters (who aren’t in the movies)
Darth Talon

The Star Wars films have undoubtedly given us some of the most memorably awesome characters in film culture, from one of the most menacing villains of all time in Darth Vader, to the beloved smuggler and “rebel scum” Han Solo.

But the Star Wars universe is not only restricted to the films. Oh no. There are in fact a multitude of novels, comic books and video games that have added to the expansive Star Wars universe – and they contain many more wondrously cool heroes and villains besides.

Here are some of the most badass Star Wars characters you won’t find in the movies.

Darth Bane

Darth Bane

Our first bona fide badass comes in the form of Darth Bane. As menacing as he looks in the image above – you ain’t seen nothing yet. As a teenager Bane killed his father using the force; he dreamt of squeezing his dad’s heart with his hand to the point of bursting, and when he woke up his father was dead. How’s that for a horrific origin story?

Once Bane eventually knew how powerful his command of the force was, he single-handedly destroyed the Sith regime in order to shape his own Sith order (Bane was responsible for the ‘Rule of Two’ which we saw in the films: one master, one apprentice.) Oh, and he also had live parasites named ‘orbalisks’ attached to and living off his body, which made Bane an absolute monstrosity to look at but more importantly made him immune to lightsaber attacks due to the hard shells of the parasites. Bane killed many Jedi in his lifetime and was one of the most ferocious Sith Lords to have ever lived.

Prince Xizor

The Leader of the Criminal organization ‘Black Sun’, Prince Xizor was considered one of the most influential beings in the galaxy alongside Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine. Ferocious and cunning, Xizor was a gangster of the Star Wars universe, not too dissimilar from big fat slug thing Jabba the Hutt.

Although not physically imposing, Xizor was as slippery and manipulative as they come, and he even seemed to have Darth Vader by the short and curlies at one time. He did though meet his destiny after Darth Vader ordered Tie-fighters to blast the Prince’s ship from out of the sky. That will teach him to mess with Vader.

Beldorion the Hutt

Jabba Leia

Like this guy – but with a lightsaber

Next up is a Jedi version of Jabba. Yes. you heard correctly. Beldorion was a force sensitive Hutt who wielded a purple lightsaber. It was thought that Beldorion was so old that he was able recount the entire history of Jedi Master Yoda, which is pretty damn cool in itself.

In the end Beldorion ended up turning to the dark side before Princess Leia cut his body in half after a short duel between the two. Really. Please JJ Abrams and co – give us a Jedi or Sith Hutt in one of the new Star Wars films!

Darth Nihilus

Arguably more ominous looking than any other Star Wars character, Darth Nihilus was a Sith Lord so powerful he could literally consume planets. He ate the force as if it was his food. Darth Nihilus wasn’t really even a person – he was a force of nature and didn’t even have a normal body. None have reached the sheer level of power he was able to.

The only way he was defeated was through a force bond (look it up if you’re not nerdy enough to know what that means). He could not have been defeated otherwise. There is a reason his title was Nihilus, as he was annihilation incarnate. As you can tell from the above video, his voice was pretty damn creepy too.

Tsavong Lah

Tsavong Lah

Image: Dark Horse Comics

Several years after the events of Return of the Jedi, the New Republic created by Luke Skywalker to replace the Galactic Empire came under the threat of a cruel and horrifying alien species; the Yuuzhang Vong. Tsavong Lah was the fanatical war master of the Yuuzhang Vong race. Lah’s species created a pan-galactic conflict, they destroyed planets, decimated entire species to the point of extinction and conquered the republic’s galactic capital, Coruscant.

Tsavong Lah’s main responsibility in the conflict was the persecution of all force users and the Jedi in the new Jedi Order. Lah, who was also known as the master of war by his own alien race, slayed countless numbers of Jedi. Lah was ruthless and, like all of his species possessed, absolute zero empathy for other beings. During the war the Yuuzhang Vong killed over 364 trillion sentient beings, which is probably around 364 trillion more than the targeting-challenged Stormtroopers ever got.

Calo Nord

Bounty Hunters? We don’t need this scum! Sorry but we do. No badass Star Wars list can be completed without the mention of those cruel and cutthroat mercenaries. Although there are a multitude of badass bounty hunters out there who could potentially rival Boba Fett as the most notorious, we think that spot belongs to Calo Nord. Anybody who thinks this guy shouldn’t be taken seriously needs to know that as a 16 year old slave child, Nord killed his slave masters and then immediately afterwards murdered his biological parents for selling him into slavery. Nice.

A bounty was placed on Nord’s head for the murders but to combat this Nord simply killed those who enforced his bounty. Calo Nord worked for anybody who paid him, which included the Sith. Oh, and by the way, if you ever encounter Calo Nord, don’t let him count to three.

Darth Talon

Darth Talon

Let’s face it, when it comes to badass the Sith have it mostly covered, which is why another Darth occupies a place on our list. Darth Talon was like a female version of Darth Maul (and we all loved Darth Maul, right?) They both shared similar appearances; the red skin and black Sith tattoos covering their face and bodies.

Darth Talon was a great enjoyer of death and killed many with her red lightsaber. Appearance wise she looked like she could kick the ass of anyone in the galaxy; an inspirer of cosplay girls everywhere. Darth Talon is one Sith we really wouldn’t want to mess with.