15 songs I love: Andrew Wasylyk’s playlist for WOW247

Our new artist of the week Andrew Wasylyk, real name Andrew Mitchell, chooses 15 of his favourite songs for an exclusive WOW247 playlist.

Listen to the YouTube playlist below, and read on to read Andrew, who is also a member of The Hazey Janes and Idlewild, offer his reasons for choosing each track, as well as a Spotify version to follow at the end of the post.

1. Les McCann – Comment

My friend Luke ran a Sunday Soul club in Dundee. It was always packed full of regulars and great fun. At the end of each night this song would be played as the lights went up, the dry ice evaporating and the sweaty bodies filing out. Defy anyone not to be moved by this tune. Glorious.

2. The Left Banke – She May Call You Up Tonight

Perfect Baroque-pop with an amazing vocal take.

3. Pavement – Major Leagues

Matthew, of The Hazey Janes, and I saw them at the Barrowlands on this tour in ’99 having just left school. Naturally, it was tremendous. I think they may have split up after the following show. Doubt this is even my favourite Pavement song, but it has a great melancholic resonance to it that I fall for every time.

4. St. Vincent – Marrow

Big fan of Annie Clark. From her explosive guitar playing, to the melodic invention that runs through nearly everything she does. Too good.

5. Field Music – The Noisy Days Are Over

An incredibly inventive band that evolves with every record. Was lucky enough to play guitar with David and Peter Brewis in the former’s School of Language in 2014. It so great being part of it. The new record is set to be a killer.

6. Guided By Voices – Pretty Bombs

Chords, lyrics, invention and conviction. This tune has it all, in my opinion. Taken from ‘Universal Truths And Cycles’, one of my favourite GBV records. I find with Pollard’s prolific output you take your chances digging in to the vaults, but it does often unearth some true gems. Not that this is particularly a rarity, but no less wonderful.

7. Beak> – Wulfstang II

When Art Of The Memory Palace were recording their first record we were listening to a lot of these guys. It has a dark, brooding monolithic quality. And grooves.

8. Steely Dan – Show Biz Kids

I’ve chosen this to be both cunning and greedy. The ‘Dan are rarely off the turntable around these parts and I’m also a huge admirer of Super Furry Animals who, of course, sampled this on ‘The Man Don’t Give A Fuck’.

9. Bill Callahan – Jim Cain

Alongside David Berman of Silver Jews, arguably one of the finest modern writers operating. 3:00am tears.

10. Frank Sinatra – London By Night

One of Nelson Riddle’s finest arrangements in my opinion.

11. Colin Blunstone – I Don’t Believe In Miracles

When I was about 18, my aunty gave me two battered records; ‘The White Album’ and ‘Ennismore’, which this tracks is taken from. I actually discovered my love for The Zombies after hearing this. Idlewild played the same stage as them at Glastonbury this year. I managed a nervous ‘hello’ towards them backstage.

12. Black Mountain – Wucan

Came across this Vancouver band in 2008 while out there visiting my brother. Watched them play an all-day event at an outdoor theatre with Belle and Sebastian’s Stevie Jackson and The New Pornographers. Cosmic-Prog-Sabbath vibes. Great day, if a little too much sun and Canadian beer.

13. Ween – Piss Up A Rope

For me, 12 Golden Country Greats is a modern classic. Difficult to pick a single track here, but P.U.A.R takes it, if only for the line, “ … feel the pissy dribble”.

14. Teenage Fanclub – Sometimes I Don’t Need To Believe In Anything

Quintessential Gerry Love. If you’re ever sitting listening to this on an early evening train watching the land pull by then you’ve got it pretty good.

15. Wilco – Magnetized

This band have recorded some of my favourite music. In 2012 The Hazey Janes toured with Wilco around Europe and it was an incredible experience. One that’ll live with me until I’m a dilapidated forget-me-lots.

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* A few of the tracks are not available on Spotify