15 recommended BYOB restaurants in Edinburgh
Bodega, Edinburgh

Here are 15 of our favourite Edinburgh restaurants with a wallet-friendly policy of letting you bring your own booze

Let’s face it, we’ve all been stung by the cost of drinks after a meal out.

You’ve mentally tallied up the starter and main, as well as giving yourself wiggle room for a possible dessert – then WHAM! A bottle of wine or a couple of round of drinks resulted in an extra 20 being swindled from your pocket.

This is where BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) restaurants come to your rescue, saving you money on ludicrously over-the-top drinks prices and instead letting you put your pounds into ordering more delicious food.

Gone are the days when this alcohol policy was the underhand tactic of unlicensed backstreet eateries, there’s plenty of restaurants dishing up high quality grub whilst ditching the snooty attitude to your shop-shelf booze.

Clink a glass and laugh maniacally at your savings for us.


Bringing the finest Mexican-inspired fusion dining down to the middle of Leith Walk. Bodega’s innovative taco fillings (such as slow-cooked pulled pork marinaded in pineapple) and relaxed attitude to dining make it one of the city’s best hidden treasures. (62 Elm Row, EH7 4AQ / website)

The Buffalo Grill

A city stalwart in Edinburgh’s ever-changing foodie scene, this steakhouse have been dishing out high quality cuts of meat and packed-in burgers since 1986. Their cheap corkage fee (£1 for wine/50p for beer) coupled with the cosy atmosphere has gone a long way in wooing regular customers over the years. (12-14 Chapel St, EH8 9AY / website)

Tuk Tuk Street Food

We’ve harped on at great length about this Leven Street spot before so we give you the revised notes in this description – authentic Indian cuisine served in tapas style portions, quirky Bollywood-inspired décor and a friendly attitude to those bringing outside alcohol. If you didn’t know already, we’re regulars. (1 Leven Street, EH3 9LH / website)


Chop Chop

Despite not initially striking you as the go-to location for the city’s top critics (that yellow frontage can be a little hard on the eyes) – Chop Chop has received plenty of praise from high-brow foodies who enjoy the inventive take on Chinese cuisine (dumplings being a restaurant signature) and their no-frills friendly service. The BYOB policy also means you have more to spend on delicious sides. (248 Morrison St, EH3 8DT / website)

Leith Chop House

Despite being the latest edition to Edinburgh’s high-end steakhouses – the Chop House is keeping things reasonable on a Monday and Tuesday with their ‘Corkage Club’. Tuck into that red meat with a red wine of your choice. (102 Constitution St, EH6 6AW / website)

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Empires Cafe

Tired of designer dishes sitting prettily in the centre of your plate? There’s no chance of all-style, no-substance at Empires. The Turkish restaurant is dripping with all the charm of the ‘old country’ and serves out generous mezze platters. (24 St Mary’s St, EH1 1SU / website)

Tugas Amor

Dundee Street’s hidden gem has experienced some bad fortune recently, having suffered a fire which has left them currently closed. Here’s hoping they set their tables again soon, as the family-owned restaurant is Edinburgh’s definitive taste of Lisbon. (161 Dundee St, EH11 1BY / website)

Katie’s Diner

Tucked away opposite Bruntsfield links, Katie’s Diner has been quietly rustling up some of the finest American-inspired cuisine in the City for 15 years. This hasn’t gone unrecognised, with the restaurant picking up an annual TripAdvisor ‘Certificate of Excellence’ from 2013 onwards. If Morningside eateries are proving a little stuffy, then a stroll down to Brunstfield is in order. (12 Barclay Terrace, EH10 4HP / website)

The Forest Cafe

Trusting you with your own booze before it was cool, the Tollcross creative hub is home to relaxed vibes, retro board games and some of Edinburgh’s best veggie burritos.
(141 Lauriston Place, EH3 9JN / website)

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Something of a city institution when it comes to Indian food, ‘Scotland’s original curry house’ never fails to offer a relaxed and friendly dining experience coupled with the best in traditional Indian dishes. (10 Antigua St, EH1 3NH / website)

Yellow Bench

Looking for something different? Yellow Bench sits just off Leith Walk (recognisable by the brightly coloured furniture outside) and dishes out tasty Polish cuisine, such as Zrazy and Pierogi, alongside continental crepes. (31 Crighton Pl, EH7 4NY / website)

Haggis pierogis and beetroot broth!

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Kebabish Original

From the moment you enter, it’s hard not to be openly drooling as you watch the chefs in action through the glass. Kebabish has plenty of competition for your affections on the Dalry Road – but more than holds its own with great Central Asian cuisine and free corkage. (128 Dalry Rd, EH11 2EZ / website)

The New York Steam Packet

Whilst American-style dining may currently be something of a foodie buzzword, the Steam Packet has been offering a slice of Americana since 1972. The set three course menu offers highlights such as home-made beef burger, sirloin steak and pecan pie – but if you wan’t a something to wash it down then you have to bring your own, wise guy. (31 Rose St N Ln, EH2 2NP / website)

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One of the leading figures in changing the preconception of ‘BYOB’ as a dirty word in fine dining, Howie’s bistro serves up the finest in Scottish cuisine without the pressure of ordering something ludicrous from the wine menu. (10-14 Victoria St, EH1 2HG / website)


Be honest – you thought we were lying about Dalry Road being something of a foodie haven, didn’t you? Riverlife head chef Mario Caneval brings his unique French Caribbean cooking to the cosy restaurant setting – offering high end cuisine without any of the pretension. Riverlife is fully BYOB, with their website suggesting “bring your own bottle or 2….or more.” (84 Dalry Rd, Edinburgh EH11 2AX / website)

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