10 of the best breakfasts in Portsmouth
Fry up breakfast

On the hunt for the best places in Portsmouth to grab the most important meal of the day?

Fret no more. Emily Turner shows you ten of the best breakfasts in Portsmouth to get your teeth into.


Churchill's, Portsmouth. @wow_247 #wow247portsmouth

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Churchill’s is a super friendly café off Marmion Road. Grab a tasty breakfast here before heading off into the shops down Palmerston or Albert Road – or rock up later in the day, as the breakfast menu is served all through the restaurant’s opening hours. A favourite is the classic eggs benedict – a toasted muffin served with smoked salmon (or bacon), topped with two poached eggs and hollandaise sauce for £4.90. Another great breakfast Churchill’s has to offer is the eggy bread. This is served with bacon, which has been cooked to crispy perfection, for £3.50.

25D Marmion Road

The Fleet

The Fleet, Portsmouth. @wow_247 #wow247portsmouth

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If you’re looking for an excellent veggie English breakfast, head to The Fleet down Guildhall Walk. If you’ve ever had a night out in Portsmouth, you’ve probably ended up in Popworld next door, so it is pretty easy to find – especially as it faces the Guildhall itself. A veggie English breakfast (two veggie sausages, two fried eggs, baked beans, hash browns, mushroom, half a grilled tomato and toast) can be snapped up here for £4.99. It’s a pretty cosy place to grab a quiet meal, with its old reading chairs, Nelson paraphernalia on the walls, and vintage looking chandeliers.

1 King Henry I Street, 023 9283 0150, fleetportsmouth.co.uk

Lou Lou’s Brasserie

Lou Lou's Brasserie, Portsmouth. @wow_247 #wow247portsmouth

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This interesting, French-inspired restaurant is a great place to grab breakfast. The ceiling is hung with every piece of brass imaginable – pots, plans, jelly moulds, teapots, bells. There’s also a humidifier for cigars, which sits on the counter next to the coffee machines, as well as antiquated tiles on the walls and the words “drink more gin” embossed on the walls. Edison bulbs hang from the ceiling, and old road signs adorn the bar behind Parisian tables and chairs. Breakfast is served until 12noon – choose from Le Petit Dejeuner Americain, Le Grand Petit Dejeuner, and Oeuf Benedict, among others. Highly recommended is Le Saumon Benedict – it’s A+.

37 Marmion Road, 023 92825113, brasserieloulous.com

Shabby Chic Café

Shabby Chic Cafe, Portsmouth. @wow_247 #wow247portsmouth

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The Shabby Chic Café is small restaurant down Highland Road, and it fully embraces its crafty, eclectic charm. It also serves breakfast until 1pm. Grab the Full Monty – fried bread, mushrooms, tomato, beans, two eggs, O’Hagan sausage, bacon and toast, with either juice, coffee or tea – for £6.50. If you fancy something a little different, choose between the savoury pancakes (two fat pancakes with bacon, drizzled with maple syrup) for £5 or the sweet pancakes (two fat pancakes with strawberries and raspberries drizzles with fruit syrup) for £4.

6 Highland Road, 023 9283 2384

Southsea Coffee Company

Southsea Coffee Company, Portsmouth. @wow_247 #wow247portsmouth

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A hipster haven off Palmerston Road, this amazing café is covered with potted plants, murals and artwork. You won’t find any greasy spoon grub here – the hippy vibe of the place comes with very alternative breakfast options. Probably our number one favourite breakfast in Portsmouth is the Southsea Coffee Company’s Nordic spiced porridge – aromatic and autumn spiced gluten free oats with added maca, sultanas and apple. It’s vegan and gluten free, all for £4.50. Also tasty is the crumpets with honeycomb butter for £2.75. For those who cannot function without that morning cup of tea, look no further. There’s an entire menu dedicated to tea here. Southsea Coffee Company also serves independent speciality coffee, and the breakfast menu is served until 11.30am.

63 Osborne Road, 023 9307 9501, southseascoffee.co.uk

All Bar One

All Bar One, Portsmouth. @wow_247 #wow247portsmouth

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It might be a chain, but All Bar One serves a mean, if posh-looking, breakfast. The Protein Power-Up (£6.25) consists of Severn & Wye smoked salmon, avocado, poached free range egg and watercress. Served with omega-3 seed sprinkle and a lemon dressing. It’s high in protein, and only 373 calories. Also great is the vegetarian Boost Breakfast (£6.25), which is grilled portobello mushrooms, poached free range egg, plum tomatoes and avocado, served on toast with houmous and sweet chilli sauce. If you fancy something a bit more fruity, try the Mango & Passionfruit Granola with Greek-style yoghurt and banana, served with a blend of goji berries, linseeds, sunflower, pumpkin and chia seeds for £4.50. All Bar One serves breakfast to midday on weekdays and 1pm on weekends.

Gunwharf Quays, 023 9283 8880

Garage Lounge

Garage Lounge, Portsmouth. @wow_247 #wow247portsmouth

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Situated in good old Albert Road, the alternative hot spot of Portsmouth, the Garage Lounge features an entire shelving unit of tea to choose from as well as its great breakfast menu. In particular, the Garage Lounge has an interesting selection of homemade buttermilk pancakes – choose from the All-American (with fried eggs, sausages, bacon, mascarpone, and maple syrup), the Veggie All-American (fried eggs, veggie sausages, home poached fruit, mascarpone and maple syrup), the Poached Fruit and Bacon (home poached fruit, marscapone, cinnamon sugar and maple syrup) or the Bananas and Seasonal Berries (which is served with vanilla ice cream).

1 Albert Road, 023 9282 8432

The Compass Rose

The Compass Rose, Portsmouth. @wow_247 #wow247portsmouth

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Keeping it refreshingly plain and simple, The Compass Rose’s great breakfast menu breaks down into three easy options: £3.95 will get you the small breakfast option, £5.95 will get you the medium, and £7.95 will get you the biggest breakfast on the menu – sausages, bacon, beans, poached eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes, and hash browns, served with juice, toast, butter, and tea and coffee. You can also grab a breakfast baguette, which is any three fillings in a warm, home cooked, toasted baguette, for £5.50.

Sywell Crescent, 023 9267 3037

The 10th Hole

The 10th Hole, Portsmouth. @wow_247 #wow247portsmouth

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The 10th Hole is a favourite with both Portsmouth locals and visitors. The later you leave it, the more likely you’ll get caught up with those who come along for the café’s famous cakes – so get in early and grab a tasty breakfast before the queues hit. Available until 12 noon, you’ve got your standard English breakfasts and bacon butties, or you could try Billy’s Breakfast Burger, which is a pork and leek sausagemeat burger with crispy bacon and fried egg in a toasted muffin for six quid. There’s also the yummy breakfast bruschetta – poached egg, avocado, rocket on toasted sourdough, and vine tomatoes – for £6.50.

Eastern Parade, Southsea, 02392 830009, thetenthhole.co.uk

North End Café & Restaurant

North End Cafe, Portsmouth. @wow_247 #wow247portsmouth

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A great no frills café which serves up generous portions, you can either pick a set breakfast off of the menu, opt for the all day breakfast, or create your own breakfast with three to eight items. Cheap and cheerful and conveniently placed in the middle of North End, if you’re looking to re fuel at the crack of dawn, then this is the place to head to.

106 London Road, North End, 02392 690583

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