Tuff Love choose their Woman Crush Wednesday playlist
Tuff Love

Glasgow duo Tuff Love have kindly taken the time to put together a #WomenCrushWednesday playlist for us.

We interviewed the band not so long ago, where we spoke to them about their new EP Junk, counting Paolo Nutini as a fan and being growled at by Grace Jones.

Selecting 20 of their favourite tracks, all made by brilliant women, the lo-fi indie duo have given us a run down of why each song was chosen.

Listen to the playlist via Spotify:

Read on for a full run down of Tuff Love’s #WomenCrushWednesday playlist.

Joanna Gruesome – I Don’t Wanna Relax

“I simultaneously want to party and go to sleep when I hear this. It’s so upbeat, but when I first heard it, I had been drinking a lot of sleepy tea and I think of that feeling.”

Odetta – One Grain of Sand

“I love this song. I first heard it one summer a long time ago when I was sad and in love. We listened to this album a lot.”

Bikini Kill – Feels Blind

“I didn’t listen to Bikini Kill when I was younger. I don’t think I knew they existed and I regret this. This song sounds like an elastic band.”

Trash Kit – Beach Babe

“Trash Kit played at the launch party we had in Glasgow for the release of Junk, our first E.P. They headlined, which was amazing because we could drink wine and party after finishing our set. It was insanely fun.”

St. Vincent – Rattlesnake

“I think we first heard this when we saw St. Vincent play live at Glastonbury. Her set was mesmerising. This song sounds like a room full of microwaves talking to each other.”

Micachu & The Shapes – Relaxing

“Everything has gone wrong in the right way. But not really, it’s perfect and all the sounds are good.”

M.I.A – Bad Girls

“We saw M.I.A at Glastonbury the same year as St. Vincent and that was also incredible. She seemed so powerful.”

Angel Olsen – Unfucktheworld

“We saw Angel Olsen at the Electric Ballroom last year with our friend Sarah. These songs seem simple but they are so heartbreaking and feel so complete and they don’t ever go where you expect them to.”

Lauryn Hill – Ex-Factor

“The lyrics resonate. I love her voice and I love the delivery.”

Judee Sill – The Kiss

“More heartbreak. Her eerily perfect voice and the layers of sound combine to make this awesome.”

Carpenters – Rainy Days And Mondays

“I used to listen to the Carpenters on our record player when I was a child. I once saw a made for TV film about Karen Carpenter.”

Nina Simone – Ne Me Quitte Pas

“It’s Nina Simone singing in French!”

Mavis Staples – Every Step

“This is from an album called One True Vine. I listened to it every day at work for a while when I worked as a cleaner in a cafe. Good soundtrack to early mornings.”

Karen Dalton – Something On Your Mind

“A girl I liked played me this song. It was a long time ago. I just remembered it. It reminds me of that time. It wasn’t a very impressive time, but the song is good.”

Rozi Plain – Jogalong

“Rozi also releases things with Lost Map Records. We’ve seen her play live a lot. Every song she plays, I get excited about, because they’re all great! This one actually sounds like jogging.”

Queen Latifah – U.N.I.T.Y

“Everything about this is great!”

Metric – IOU

“I feel a bit anxious if I’m not in the right mood when I listen to this.”

Lush – Nothing Natural

“This is kind of sinister and brilliant.”

This Is The Kit – Two Wooden Spoons

“I used to listen to this a lot at work as well. It made me feel nostalgic but in a way that was only just verging on too painful.”

Edith Piaf – L’homme a la moto

“It’s super, super fun to sing along to this.”

Throwing Muses – Fish

“I almost feel like I’m not in control of my body anymore when I hear this. It’s strange and hypnotic and totally satisfying. The lyrics are amazing.”

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Main image: Martin Barker