YouTube ace covers Adele’s ‘Hello’ in 25 different styles – watch

Online music maestro Anthony Vincent has conjured up a fabulous genre-shifting cover of hit Adele song ‘Hello’ – performing it in 25 different styles across its four and a half minute running time.

Shifting seamlessly between genres including rock, pop, soul and heavy metal, and emulating artists such as Backstreet Boys, ELO, Pink Floyd – and, of course, Lionel Richie – in the process, Vincent’s efforts are both hugely impressive and brilliantly entertaining.

You can check out the fantastic ‘Hello’ medley here:

YouTube sensation Vincent’s channel Ten Second Songs was featured in our epic pick of 48 top YouTubers earlier this year, with his covers of popular songs using a vast array of genres picking up a whopping 73 million views so far.

Among all the many covers of Adele’s comeback single doing the rounds, this is probably our favourite.