Hey Arnold movie is in the works
hey arnold

If you grew up in the 90s, this may be the best news you’ve heard all week – as Nickelodeon have announced that ‘football head’ is back.

Yes, that’s right, a feature-length revival of hit kids’ animation Hey Arnold is on its way.

We’re not going to lie though: details on the exact when and wheres are rather scarce at this time, but we can tell you that the revival of Hey Arnold – which will be named Arnold, presumably for some complicated artistic reason – will come in the form of a TV movie.

Hey Arnold manic laughter

So, look forward to that.

Does this mean that even more of our favourite childhood shows could be brought back, for one night only, to instill some form of closure on the millennial generation?

Well, according to Variety, yes it does.

The names Ren & Stimpy and The Wild Thornberrys were mentioned, but try not to get too excited.

It doesn’t matter how many tens of millions of dollars are thrown into yet another Fast & Furious movie, the hype for a Hey Arnold film will eclipse it. For our money, Vin Diesel just can’t compete with the enduring charm of a street-smart school kid with a very weird-shaped bonce.