5 movie-themed bars where you can make a toast to Hollywood

The only thing better than enjoying a nice booze-up is enjoying a nice movie-themed booze-up.

Let’s be honest, we all want to be drinking in The Green Dragon, or sharing a White Russian with The Dude, instead of moping on a bar stool in a pub called The Pig’s Tail.

So when we heard the news that there would be a Star Wars pop-up bar opening in Manchester, themed exactly like the Mos Eisley Cantina, we couldn’t help but find some further wonderful examples of perfectly placed movie-themed bars for all you cinephiles to drink in, so you can avoid those uninspired karaoke nights in The Queen Vic.

The Hobbit, Southampton

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No prizes for guessing the fictional universe that this pub is based on, except, of course, the joy of drinking real ale while chomping on a Bag End Burger (their words, not ours) and enjoying a host of live music.

And yes, for those Tolkienites asking, they do serve cocktails specifically named after the warriors and wizards of Middle Earth. Why not take on the Fellowship Challenge, which involves taking a drink named after each of the given characters, to get yourself a limited edition T-shirt?

The pub also boasts a special ‘Nazgul Cocktail’, which is only available upon completion of the Fellowship Challenge. There will come a day when all the room goes blurry, and the mightiest of drinkers fall from the table perch, crashing to the ground as their hopes and dreams shatter in twain – but it is not this day.

134 Bevois Valley Road, SO14 OJZ, thehobbitpub.co.uk

Coyote Ugly Experience, Brighton

Taking the notion of a themed bar to a whole new level, Brighton’s Coyote Ugly Experience at Bar76 let’s you celebrate the cult film and fulfill your bar-tending/dancing/drinking needs – all in one night.

For £30 per person, you can head along, take two hours of dance rehearsals, then perform on a bar to a room full of punters, who regularly jump on the bar with you – you know, for moral support. As a dancer, you’ll receive a shot of booze on the house to calm your nerves, and freedom of the bar for you and your party afterwards.

You can also upgrade your package to get pizza for an extra £5 per person – because everything is better with pizza.

76 Preston Street, BN1 2HG, 76brighton.co.uk

Lebowski’s, Glasgow

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White Russian, anyone? There’ll be plenty to go around during a night out in Lebowski’s, Glasgow’s very own movie-themed haven.

Located in the West of the city, the bar boasts a healthy list of cocktails (with particular emphasis on The Dude’s chosen poison) as well as numerous dishes of various healthiness to suit both the weight watcher and the starving hangover sufferer.

1008 Argyle Street, G3 8LX

Lebowski’s, Edinburgh

We smell a “my pub’s better than your pub” argument coming on, as we introduce Edinburgh’s own version of Lebowski’s, twinned with Glasgow’s West End. We want to make it clear that each of these bars are equally as enjoyable to visit as each other.

We also want to make it clear that each of these bars are as authentically themed as one another.

18 Morrison Street, EH3 8BJ

Jack Rabbit Slim’s, Hartlepool

Picture it: John Travolta, cruising down the streets of Hartlepool in his crimson Chevelle Malibu with illegal substances coursing through his veins. Tarantino missed a trick by setting Pulp Fiction in LA.

Nevertheless, the chance to finally live out your own Vincent Vega style fantasy can be realised by taking a trip down to Jack Rabbit Slim’s in Hartlepool, where everyday sports a different theme for food and drinks alike.

The music wont be missing either, as every month a different band is showcased, with genres flitting from 50s to 70s and so on. Just remember to take an extra five dollars for that shake you’ll be craving.

Unit 19, Navigation Point, Middleton Road, TS24 0UH

[Main image: Lewbowski’s Glasgow, via Facebook]