5 of the best alternative doughnut spots in Glasgow
Seb & Mili Glasgow doughnuts

Forget your cupcakes, your petit fours and dainty little tartlets – is there anything better than a down and dirty doughnut?

Fried dough pumped full of gooey filling and topped with yet more sugar – it’s not exactly rocket science as to why we all go Homer Simpson over a good ‘nut.

Glasgow (well, Braehead) may have finally attracted a doughnut bigwig in the form of Krispy Kreme, but we’ll claim full hipster credentials for these five hidden gems and tell you they were doing it long before it was cool.

So go forth and order a batch of six (one is never enough) – we won’t judge. Provided you save us one, thanks.

Seb & Mili

Seb & Mili Glasgow doughnuts (2)
Seb & Mili

This city centre deli has been known to give away their doughnuts to one lucky Facebook follower a week – believe us when we say they really don’t have to. Their page is a roll call of mouthwatering flavours, from peanut butter cream and pumpkin pie fillings to pistachio orange glaze and – personal favourite – creme brulee custard. Find the St Vincent St basement and your doughnut dreams (of which, confession, we have many) are bound to come true.

192 St Vincent St, G2 5SG, facebook.com/SebandMili

Eusebi Deli

Just look at them there, all squidge-soft, sugary and bursting with the elixir of life that is Nutella. Italian deli Eusebi’s is an east end institution, and the second branch at Kelvinbridge is fast becoming a west end favourite too. Of course, much like life, there’s more to the place than just doughnuts. – but those sweet, sweet fried treats definitely catch the eye. Is ‘I’ll have the tray, thanks’ an acceptable order? Too late.

793 Shettleston Road, G32 7NN and 152 Park Road, G4 9HB, eusebideli.com

Nic’s NYC Deli

The original in diet-busting American-style doughnuts, the now three branches of Nic’s NYC Deli are known for sweet-as toppings. Think chocolate Mud Bath complete with bathing Happy Hippo, peanut butter jelly time or a weekly special dedicated to the 99er of your ice cream van days, and you’re only a fraction of the way through the menu. Oh hell, give us two of each.

50 St Enoch Square, G1 4DH, 396 Byres Road, G12 8AR and 183 Hope St, G2 2UL,  facebook.com/nicsnycdeliglasgow

Hot Doughnut

Hot Doughnut Glasgow
Hot Doughnut

Picture the scene: you’re walking along the lesser-travelled end of Dumbarton Road, hungry for sugar and wondering why you didn’t stop at the ever-growing glut of delis at Partick Cross. And that’s when you see it: a cartoon doughnut with the most sinister grin – and just a bit of that on point strobe make up going on – staring down at you. Terrifying logos aside, Hot Doughnut is a break from trendy, Americanised dessert stops, selling fresh Polish-style buns and mini doughnuts doused in sweet cinnamon. Glasgow band Bdy Prts say it’s a go-to spot, and you can always trust a musician on a sure-fire hangover cure.

498 Dumbarton Road, G11 6SL, facebook.com/Hot-Doughnut-Limited

Tantrum Doughnuts

Yorkhill, prepare to go oot yer nut, as we say here in the dear green place. Tantrum Doughnuts – the tasty brainchild of one pastry chef and his hospitality-trained other half – have been mastering the Glasgow pop up life of late, touting everything from Simpsons-inspired Lard Lad rings (mmmm, doughnuts) to popcorn doughnut holes (you heard us). Thankfully, all that ‘nut love has allowed Tantrum to find on Old Dumbarton Road. There may be queues ahead…

35 Old Dumbarton Road, G3 8RD, facebook.com/tantrumdoughnuts

Any delicious doughnut joints to add? We’re all ears (and just a little bit of drool) over on Facebook and Twitter.

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Main image: Seb & Mili