9 of the funniest ever Fresh Meat moments
Fresh Meat cast

Jack Whitehall has confirmed that Fresh Meat will return for series 4 in the New Year.

The Channel 4 comedy is a painfully accurate portrayal of student life, with the characters thrown together from all different walks of life – with seriously funny consequences.

Whitehall, who plays the obnoxious but scene-stealing J.P., has announced on Twitter that the series will be back on our screens on January 5.

Created by Peep Show‘s Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain, the cast stars Whitehall alongside Joe Thomas from The Inbetweeners and Call The Midwife‘s Charlotte Ritchie.

The new series will be the first in over two years. All we know so far is that episode one is called ‘The Purge’, judging by this photo posted on the show’s official Facebook:

fresh meat

Here are nine of our favourite laugh out loud moments from the sitcom so far…

1. Hiding in the bathroom

This is one of the funniest Fresh Meat scenes ever. Davros has found out that Josie slept with Kingsley, so he’s hiding in the bathroom. Davros then finds out that Josie also slept with J.P., who he then realises is also hiding in the bathroom. Fictional black belt “Chester Chan” then arrives to save the day…

2. When Dave fixed the dishwasher

Ahh uni life. What’s that old saying again? If ain’t broke, don’t fix? Something like that.

We can all remember being a ridiculous, incapable student who seemed unable to arrange a direct debit, top up the gas meter or operate the oven properly (unable = too lazy). Anyone in your student flat who was even remotely good at fixing things was hailed as being some sort of superhuman. In this case, that superhuman is Dave. Who fixes the dishwasher, much to everyone’s shock and awe. Cue hilarious overreaction.

3. Will you be my lesbian? (No)

Worried that she may be homophobic, Oregon decides to broach the subject of Vod being her lesbian “for a while”. Unsurprisingly, the suggestions doesn’t go down well…

4. The Pussyman was a virgin? (Yes)

Yes, he was. The gang have a party to celebrate Kinglsey losing his virginity and forget to invite J.P. “Am I just the posh idiot who you all secretly hate?” he asks. Erm, well, kind of.

5. Howard’s stolen shoes

Howard is without a doubt the best thing about Fresh Meat. When he appears in the pub wearing no shoes, he tells the gang in his perfect deadpan delivery, “I’ve been mugged.” They question whether he has actually been mugged, or whether he just gave his trainers away. He’s not a drama queen, he’s a reality queen.

6. Howard’s buffet tactics

Here he is again, in all his glory, approaching the Chinese buffet like a military operation. We’ve all been there.

“Number one: Positioning. Close to buffet, minimizing plate travel time and ensuring prime position for refills… Remember, the aim here isn’t simply to have a satisfying meal out. The ultimate aim is to beat the buffet.”

We hear you, Howard.

7. J.P.’s dad’s funeral

The funeral of your friend’s father. Classic comedy setting. At least it is if you’re as ridiculously selfish as these guys.

While Howard and Vod stock up on the buffet food (shock), Oregon suggests her horse dying was kind of a bigger deal than the death of J.P.’s Dad. To JP’s mum.

8. Howard is highly socially able

The first series of Fresh Meat sees Peep’s Show‘s Robert Webb make an appearance as awful Geology teacher ‘Dan’.

9. When J.P. introduced Giles to student life

Posho J.P. welcomes his old school friend to Manchester Uni life. But first he must give Giles the introductory course.

“There’s things that I must teach you if you are to survive in the land in the two pound pint…”

“Owt is any, nowt is none, ta is thanks, mint is good, tea is supper, dinner is lunch, a bam cake is a sort of bap, a bap is a tit and a tit is a tit.”

Bring on series 4.

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