15 songs that define us: Forever Cult share their playlist
Forever Cult

Our band of the week Forever Cult have compiled a guest playlist of 15 tracks that define them as a band.

Taking in everything from fellow Yorkshire rockers The Cribs to some unsung geniuses you may not know, the fast-rising trio also share some personal insights into five of their favourites.

You can listen to the full playlist at the bottom of this page.

1. McLusky – ‘To Hell With Good Intentions’

“Probably the greatest rock song ever.”

2. The Cribs – ‘Direction’

“The Cribs’ first album has been in the car for so long, this is the only track that doesn’t skip. And it’s an absolute monster.

“Our ex van driver fucking hated this song, so we played it to death on tour. Good to hear The Cribs have started playing it live again, because it’s our favourite boozy sing-a-long.”

3. NARCS – ‘Creatures’

“NARCS are our Clue Records label buddies and we love them. If you want angst-ridden shouty indie then check these out. Go listen to their first album Two Birds, One Stone Later.

“They’re finishing off the follow up currently, and from the bits we’ve heard it’s going to be absolutely amazing.”

4. Placebo – ‘Bionic’

“The debut Placebo record is still something to go back to regularly. It’s gold from start to finish. The change to the major riff in the middle is incredible.

“Again, this album has been on loop in the car for forever and we just can’t get bored of it.”

5. Cloud Nothings – ‘Wasted Days’

“Cloud Nothings are probably one of our bigger influences. It’s poppy. But it’s heavy and raw.

“The production by Steve Albini is incredible and I love the fact it’s all recorded live and captured in the moment – it’s one of the reasons that this record is so special.”

The rest of Forever Cult’s playlist:

6. Wavves – ‘Sail To The Sun’
7. Bass Drum Of Death – ‘Nerve Jamming’
8. Drenge – ‘Never Awake’
9. Arctic Monkeys – ‘Pretty Visitors’
10. Brand New – ‘Gasoline’
11. Test Icicles – ‘Circle Square Triangle’
12. The Kills – ‘Fuck The People’
13. Warpaint – ‘Burgundy’
14. Mac Demarco – ‘Another One’
15. Wytches – ‘Wire Frame Mattress’

Check out the Spotify playlist here: