Fast Festive Food: Christmas cake bread and butter pudding
Christmas bread pudding Mark Greenaway

Whether you’re bored of normal Christmas cake or just have tons of the stuff left over at the big day, we’ve got a mouth-watering solution for you.

Here Chef Mark Greenaway shares his genius recipe for Christmas cake bread and butter pudding that you can enjoy on December 25 or even in the New Year.

Want to try it for yourself? Of course you do, so we’ve put the full recipe below.

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Music: Christmas Eve At Midnight (Small Town Square) by Lee Rosevere

Christmas Cake Bread and Butter Pudding

Serves 6


4 egg yolks

570ml milk

120g caster sugar

Seeds from 1 vanilla pod

12 slices of Christmas cake

60g butter

½ jar of marmalade


Preheat the oven to 165C

Whisk the sugar, vanilla and egg yolks till pale and fluffy

Bring the milk to the boil

Pour the milk over the egg yolk mix and whisk till incorporated

Pass through a fine sieve and set aside till required

Butter the slices of Christmas cake and spread generously with marmalade

Take an ovenproof dish and pour in a thin layer of the custard

Cover this layer of custard with one layer of Christmas cake slices

Top with more custard

Cover with the remaining Christmas cake slices

Pour over the remaining custard

Bake for 25 minutes

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