16 tracks that define me: Eyes of Others shares his playlist
eyes of others

Our new artist of the week is Edinburgh based producer Eyes Of Others, real name John Bryden.

Following our interview earlier in the week, John has put together an eclectic playlist of 16 songs for your listening pleasure that have helped to define his taste, and range from Arthur Russell to Afel Bocoum.

Read on for what John has to say about some of the songs, and listen to the full playlist at the end of this post.

1. Red Axes – The Watkins

This track is genius. Such a cool blend of rockabilly, psychedelia and middle-eastern melodies. I’ve not heard much like it before, or more, influences that have been put together in this way. The music video works brilliantly.

2. John Maus – Rights for Gays

John Maus is so deft at the lyrical one-liner. To say so much in so few words is a rare thing.

3. The Horrors – Sea Within A Sea

When this track came out I used to take the long cut home from work in my car so I could listen to it over. The outro is one of my favourite pieces of music…it’s like a farewell, as if to say; ‘we tried our best but have to go’…like a beautiful apocalypse, if there could be such a thing.

4. New Order – Your Silent Face

I just think this song is glorious. It’s a wonder that just gets me every time. New Order’s music is both really nostalgic and hopeful. That’s my favourite kind of music.

5. Afel Bocoum – Alasida

I think we often place too much weight on lyrics and their meaning so, for me, there is something nice about not understanding the words on this track; only listening, as the voice just becomes another instrument.

6. The Birthday Party – Release the Bats

If there is one band that I would loved to have seen live, The Birthday Party would be it. There’s a live performance of this song from the Hacienda on youtube that will explain everything.

The rest of Eyes of Others’ playlist:

7. Crash Course in Science – Jump Over Barrels
8. Andy Stott – Faith In Strangers *
9. Art of Noise – Moments in Love
10. Naked – Void
11. Suicide – Dream Baby Dream
12. Koudlam – Alcoholic’s Hymn *
13. Massive Attack – Karmacoma
14. Kraftwerk – Radioactivity
15. Arthur Russell – This Is How We Walk On The Moon
16. PJ Harvey – We Float

* Not currently available on Spotify

Listen on Spotify:

New artist of the week: Eyes of Others