Hinds: ‘We are representing nothing but ourselves’

Tipped by just about everyone in the music press to be stars of the future, Hinds have a lot to prove in 2016. With the release of their debut album Leave Me Alone kicking off the New Year in style, it’s fair to say they’ve lived up to expectations.

Daniel Jeakins spoke to the band about the music scene in their native Madrid, touring with hotly-tipped New York indie band Public Access TV and the sense of heartbreak that underlines their terrific debut album.

Your debut album Leave Me Alone is finally with us – how have you found reaction to it so far?

“So, so, so much better than what we expected. You never know what’s going to happen, you know? Our work was done and we loved it, but you sometimes lose perspective like ‘Dude, I love it so much’ and maybe you think that everybody is going to have your taste which is impossible and stupid to think. But it’s seriously going excellent. Like people have totally understood us. That’s all we ever wanted.”

There aren’t many Spanish bands that come to the UK and have such success. Do you feel like you’re representing your local music scene?

“No, and don’t say that. We are representing nothing but ourselves. The fact that you really can tell we are from Madrid because we have it in our bloods and in our lifestyle doesn’t mean the opposite at all, it doesn’t mean that everybody in Madrid is like us or do our thing. Madrid has seriously great bands, but I don’t think they’d like to be told that we are representing them.”

There’s a lot of sadness and heartbreak on the album, but you have a reputation as being an upbeat, party band. Why do you think that is?

“Because we started to tour so much, so we didn’t really have time to write songs only when we wanted, we had to do it every time we could. Even when we were feeling sad. So we just were real to ourselves, if we are feeling sad, let’s use it; if we’re feeling furious, let’s use it too. I guess this is an album done in the middle of a hurricane, so it is literally impossible to lie about anything.”

You’ve said in interviews you formed during a summer holiday – did things click between the four of you instantly?

“Actually, it started with Ana and Carlotta only, and after recording the first two songs Ade and Amber got it. But yeah. We really get along with each other. We are real friends and you really can tell.”

Is there much of a platform for your music in Spain?

“Erm… Well. There is a garage scene for sure. It is quite small but it’s strong because we all help each other. When you have new songs and stuff, you show them to them and it’s cool because it’s the opinion of another musician but also a person that you admire and you trust in his music taste you know? We feel very powerful, even though we might not be!” (laughs)

You’re playing the UK soon with one of our favourite new bands, Public Access TV. What are they like to tour with?

“They are the worst! They never shower, they never have anywhere to sleep, they take all our cigarettes – (laughs) I’m kidding. They are the best even though the taking-all-our-cigarettes thing is totally true! They are the kind of band that gives us the perfect energy to go on stage just because you want to beat them. They are great great performers, and we’ve always liked that. They know what rock and roll is. And you want to know the best thing? They feel the same about us. It is the first band we’ve admired and met that admire us in the same proportion.”

It was a rollercoaster 2015 for you – what was the highlight?

“The hottest week of the year, the week we spent in Benicassim. Big time man.”

What are your ambitions for 2016 – is there a position you want to be in this time next year?

“We just want to keep making people happy because, in the end, it is what makes us happy too.”

Hinds play the following UK tour dates:

Feb 15: Cambridge – The Portland Arms
Feb 16: Norwich – The Arts Centre
Feb 17: Nottingham – Rescue Rooms
Feb 18: London – KOKO
Feb 20: Manchester – Gorilla
Feb 21: Glasgow – Stereo
Feb 22: Leeds – Brudenell Social Club
Feb 23: Birmingham – Hare & Hounds
Feb 24: Bristol – The Fleece
Feb 26: Brighton – Patterns

Leave Me Alone is out now via Lucky Number. More info at www.hindsband.com.