5 of the most badass moments in Jessica Jones
jessica jones

From her smart mouth “if I have to” attitude to the skinny jeans that never seem to tear even when kicking a goon in the gut, Jessica Jones is already one of our favourite screen characters.

Following the news that Netflix has renewed the show for a second season, it’s time to reflect on the show’s most badass moments. Kapow!

1.When she lifted a car to get the driver’s attention

Jessica Jones

So a suspect needs chatting to, but this is a suspect unwilling to talk; one that has something to prove judging by his show-off car and general douchebag manner. How do you deal? How do you do good cop bad cop on your own?

You grab his car by the fingertips apparently and lift the back end off the ground, with minimal effort of course. His “help me, mummy” expression only makes the move more satisfying.

2. The bar fight

Thanks to Jessica’s meddling Luke is now in the midst of a bar fight and Jess has to save him! Well, maybe not.

The badass scene starts with Luke throwing not one, but five, adult males into the air and comes to a brilliant end when another one of his attackers thinks it’s a good idea to smash a bottle off his head.

Jessica Jones

The look on his face says it all. This has happened far too many times and he’s tired of it.

3. Trish’s self-defence moves

Jessica Jones

Jessica’s un-“gifted” but super famous best pal and surrogate sister, Trish, has become a little preoccupied with security lately.

After bulletproofing all the windows and upgrading all the locks, Trish learns a few new moves of her own to unleash on Kilgrave. While lecturing about taking chill pills, an unwitting Jess walks right into an almighty flip that would land those of us who are also ungifted into a hospital.

Jessica Jones

Impressive for a girl who’s only ever played a superhero. Impressive for anyone. Although it doesn’t help the chill pill argument.

4. You’re Fired

Jessica Jones

It seems superheroes also have even the most mundane dreams. It’s not enough that they can fly or punch like a wrecking ball, they also have daydreams of sticking it to that boss. Legally, no less!

In a flashback, Jessica soon uses her untapped PI skills to snoop her way to an embezzlement scheme in her soul-destroying office job and uses it to make the heart-rate of her employer rise dangerously for some severance pay.

Proving once again, you don’t have to be super to be badass.

5. “Smile”

Jessica Jones

Poor delusional guy… You almost want to hug him because of how pathetic he is.

I don’t want to give anything away so I’ll simply say it’s hard to smile when someone’s lifting you off the ground by your face.

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