Dangerous Golf could be the surprise smash hit of the summer
Dangerous golf

We here at WOW like our surprising games.

We love it when a cool title comes along that nobody expected – whether it’s an an intriguingly new concept, or something that looks so outrageously fun we simple HAVE to play.

Well, Dangerous Golf ticks both the above boxes.

Announced out of nowhere yesterday, it looks to rewrite golf’s ‘boring’ reputation by taking you from the expanse of the green to the interior of all manner of luxurious locales, where you are free to tee off in the name of causing as much destruction as possible.

Frankly, it sounds amazing. So here’s why we’re looking forward to it:

It’s from the people behind Burnout

Dangerous Golf is the first game from the fairly recently founded Three Fields Entertainment, but the people behind the game certainly know what they’re doing.

Three Fields was formed by Fiona Sperry and Alex Ward, the same duo behind the brilliant Criterion Games – responsible for the Burnout racing series and the criminally underrated destructo-shooter Black (which deserves belated recognition). The company was taken over by video game publishing behemoth EA, and the pair unexpectedly left the studio in 2014.

It’s obvious they’re putting what they’ve learned on their past titles into Dangerous Golf, which seems to be a spiritual successor to Burnout 3: Takedown‘s glorious addictive Crash Mode, where players were tasked with setting off the biggest, most-explosive pile-up possibly by careening sports cars in to busy traffic junctions.

Add into that Black‘s technically impressive (for a 2006 released shooter) destruction and we’ve got a new studio on our hands that knows a thing or two about smashing virtual things up.

“Crash Mode with golf”

Burnout crash mode

Crash Mode was introduced in Burnout 3: Takedown, and came back for an appearance in Burnout: Revenge. But by the time the open-world of Burnout Paradise rolled around the feature had been taken out entirely, and ever since fans have clamoured for a modern day replacement.

They may just have found that replacement with Dangerous Golf.

Replace the high speed sports car with a golf ball, and the busy intersections with lavish interiors lined with fragile looking objects, and you essentially have Crash Mode with golf.

By the looks of the screenshots you can even power-up the ball into a flaming sphere of chaos, and trigger Smashbreakers (Burnout 3 had Crashbreakers) and multipliers along the way. This is going to be fun.

It’s a virtual crockery shy

Dangerous golf

Village fetes were the bane of my formative years; being dragged out of my usual summer holiday plans of playing video games all day to wander around a field of tombolas, vegetable competitions and local brass bands.

But one thing that could turn a village fete into a success was the crockery shy – the stall Mrs. Smith from number 43 had set-up to get rid of all that priceless china she could no long find room for in the loft.

Throwing things at easily smashable plates and vases was a recipe for success, and Dangerous Golf looks to be the nearest thing to a virtual crockery shy as we’re ever going to get.

And it won’t cost you 50p a go!

It should be surprisingly deep

Dangerous golf screenshot featured

You’d think that as much fun as smashing around like a virtual bull in a virtual china shop is, it could lose its luster pretty quickly as you destroy the same set-ups over and over.

Well fear not, as Dangerous Golf promises to be surprisingly deep, with over 100 ‘holes’ across four different locations, from the tiled walls of toilet stops to petrol stations just waiting to go up in flames.

It should look kinda beautiful

Dangerous golf screenshot

The Criterion games mentioned above have all stood out as being lookers, and the damage systems in each were high-tech stuff for the time of release.

Dangerous Golf should be no different, and while we’ve not seen the game in action, the handful of screenshots on offer show off a dazzling amount of details, and some impressive light effects.

Speaking to Polygon, Three Fields’ Alex Ward said:

“We were talking about what a PlayStation 5 is going to be and what’s an Xbox Whatever is going to be. Where is it all going and what do we think the future looks like? We looked at SIGGRAPH, at engine technology.”

So we could be in for some eye-catching stuff.

It’s inspired – in part – by Dude Perfect

The amazing trick shot YouTube channel. Only with added exploding antiquities.

“I watched all of these videos and I thought, ‘Trick shots are fun and I like mini-golf and I’ve always wanted to make a sports game'”, said Ward to Polygon.

What could be more fun?

Dangerous Golf is scheduled for release in May on the PlayStation Store, Xbox Store and Steam.