Louis CK has teamed up with Steve Buscemi on surprise new web series Horace & Pete
Louis CK

Everyone’s favourite cinnabun-eating, deer-hating comedian Louis CK has released a new web series on his website, starring himself and Steve Buscemi.

Horace and Pete has been released exclusively on Louis CK’s website – with an hour-long episode available so far, which is yours to purchase and own for $5 (that’s about £3.50 at the time of writing).

Horace & Pete stars Louis as titular character Horace, a broken and melancholic co-owner of an Irish-themed bar alongside Pete, played by Buscemi.

The show also features Mash star Alan Alda as Uncle Pete, saying words and phrases you never quite expected from Hawkeye Pierce.

Horace & Pete


The show, which has been described as almost like a play in setting, also stars dreary-voiced genius Steven Wright as a bar regular and boasts an original theme song by Paul Simon – as well as the side-helping of existential dread you expect from Louis’ brand of comedy.

Details are extremely thin on the ground right now, with no news on how many episodes there will be or if there are plans for a TV run or online streaming release.

It’s also unsure whether this means an end to CK’s critically-acclaimed FX series Louie.

For now, just enjoy something new from one of the best comic minds out there.

Horace & Pete: Episode One is available to buy at louisck.net

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