10 side-splitting things for comedy fans to watch out for in February

The January blues are well and truly over, meaning February is now just one giant laugh-a-thon from start to finish.

Don’t believe us? Here are 10 upcoming events this month which will cause, at least, a mild titter and, at best, uncontrollable tear-soaked laughter.

1. Vic & Bob are on the road

Reeves and Mortimer

The Reeves & Mortimer live tour looked to be over before it began, when Bob was rushed in for emergency heart surgery back in October.

Luckily he has gone on to make a good recovery and his doctor passed him fit enough to dish out surrealist comedy for the people, meaning the second half of the tour is going ahead with stops still to come in Manchester, Brighton and London.

We were lucky enough to catch the show in Edinburgh and it’s a typically free-wheeling and hilarious journey through their 25-year partnership, featuring characters like The Man With The Stick, Graham Lister and Mulligan and O’Hare.

Feb 2-16: Reeves & Mortimer – the Poignant Moments, various venues / more info

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2. Frankie Boyle is coming to a town near you

Hide your loved ones and everything you hold dear. Wild, bearded Glaswegian comic and grime enthusiast Frankie Boyle is heading out on tour with his Hurt Like You’ve Never Been Loved show – with stops in Portsmouth, Bristol, London and Sheffield to name a few.

Expect near-the-knuckle gags and unstoppable guilty guffaws.

Feb 3-28: Frankie Boyle: Hurt Like You’ve Never Been Loved, various venues / more info

3. Isy Suttie is discussing love

Isy Suttie

Known to many as the uber-nerdy Dobby in Channel 4’s Peep Show, Isy Suttie is a stand-up comic, actor and writer currently on a tour promoting her first book The Actual One and sharing her thoughts on leaving your care-free twenties behind. Suttie is touring throughout February with dates in Leeds, London and Glasgow.

Feb 3-19: ‘Isy Suttie – The Actual Book Tour’, various venues / more info

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4. Alan is back

*Insert the obligatory ‘A-ha!’ here*

North Norfolk Digital disc jockey and former chat show host Alan Partridge is returning to TV for more Mid Morning Matters. The Sky Atlantic series captures a slightly senior Alan, dealing with unruly sidekicks and even a broken heart (I’m not crying, there’s just some dust in my eye).

It will be intriguing to see where this latest series takes Partridge, following on from the events of his Alpha Papa film.

Mid Morning Matters returns to Sky Atlantic on February 8

5. John Oliver returns to HBO

Making the West Midlands proud and single-handedly helping America forget about Piers Morgan in one fell-swoop, John Oliver’s tenure as the host of The Daily Show led to HBO commissioning his own satirical news programme Last Week Tonight with John Oliver – which in two series has become a viral video sensation that has personally offended the President of Ecuador and established its own church.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver returns to Sky Atlantic from February 15

6. There’s a new Hannibal Burress special coming to Netflix

One of comedy’s biggest rising stars, Hannibal Buress has been compared to comedy greats such as Mitch Hedberg for his surreal observations and deadpan delivery. Netflix continues to challenge for top-spot in the comedy world, with a number of stand-up shows streaming exclusively on the site.

Hannibal Buress: Comedy Camisado goes live on Netflix US from February 16

7. We’re getting Season 2 of Better Call Saul

Whilst Breaking Bad still holds a special place in the hearts of many TV fans, the prequel tale of down-on-his-luck lawyer Jimmy McGill (aka. Saul Goodman) has grown into must-watch television with a razor-sharp dark comic edge. Better Call Saul Season Two is set to premiere this month and could well become the most successful spin-off of all time.

Better Call Saul is available on Netflix from February 16

8. BBC Three is going online

Despite all the petitions and public outcry, BBC Three is officially going online from February 16. Whilst some may see this as the death knell for BBC’s ‘yoof’ channel, the move from a digital TV channel to an online audience could be just what the channel needs to recapture that initial rogue spirit which created comedy hits such as The Mighty Boosh, Gavin & Stacey, Little Britain and Monkey Dust.

Expect a new wave of short-form original comedy sketches from up and coming writers too, which is no bad thing.

BBC Three makes the switch from February 16

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9. Hail, Caesar! is coming to a cinema near you

The Coen Brothers dance through genres with an intelligence and acerbic wit at the best of times, but when they do comedy – they really do comedy. Their latest flick follows the kidnapping of a major silver screen star in the golden age of Hollywood and looks to be a genuinely hilarious instalment in their already stellar back catalogue.

Hail, Caesar! is in UK cinemas from February 26

10. Chris Rock is hosting the Oscars

The controversy surrounding this year’s Oscars has been nigh-on impossible to avoid, with many high-profile figures from the film community refusing to attend due to an overtly white selection of nominees. One man who will be there is host Chris Rock, who has rewritten his opening monologue for the event especially – expect no punches to be pulled from a truly fearless stand-up comic.

The Oscars ceremony takes place on February 28

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