Want to be happy at work? Live in one of these cities

London might be the place many go to ‘make it’ in Britain, but it seems you need to try elsewhere if you’re looking for a truly satisfying job.

The capital failed to make even the top 10 locations in the latest research into the country’s happiness at work.

Coming out on top was Norwich, where 77% of workers said they were satisfied with their current job, followed by Liverpudlians (76%) and those in Birmingham (74%).

However, fulfilment among employees is at its lowest in Newcastle and Cardiff, where 64% of employees feel contented at work, followed by Glasgow (66%), according to the study of more than 2,500 employees by OPP.

What makes us happy at work? The most important factor is workload, followed by pay rises and a change in management.

Finance workers were the least happy in the survey, while those in architecture and engineering along with sales, marketing and media were the happiest.

It’s debatable how much worker satisfaction has to do with the city itself rather than the type of work you’re most likely to find there, but work-life balance presumably plays a part.

The top 10 UK locations for the happiest workers

10. Bristol

Bristol in Autumn
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9. Southampton


8. Manchester


7. Nottingham

Wollaton Park

6. Sheffield


5. Plymouth


4. Brighton


3. Birmingham

birmingham - best restaurants
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2. Liverpool

best restaurants in liverpool
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1. Norwich


Main image via Berit Watkin / Flickr / CC