Jackie Chan movie blasted for London bus explosion stunt

Onlookers have widely condemned a shocking bus explosion in the heart of London this weekend – which turned out to be a stunt for a new Jackie Chan film.

The blast, which threw flames, smoke and debris high up into the air and could be seen and heard for miles around, took place on the Lambeth Bridge in view of the Houses Of Parliament, in broad daylight yesterday.

Here’s the moment the stunt took place:

The explosion was conducted during filming of action thriller movie The Foreigner, starring Chan and Pierce Brosnan.

But many eye witnesses were not aware at first that it was a stunt, causing widespread alarm and fears that a terrorist attack was taking place.

Even the Police Air Service were shocked by the move:

Given not-too-distant history, many Londoners have been queuing up to condemn the filmmakers over the action.

In the horrifying July 2005 terrorist bombings that shook the capital, 13 people lost their lives in an explosion on the upper deck of a red bus at Tavistock Square.

Accusations of tastelessness and more were soon being aimed on social media:

Though some people questioned what all the fuss was about:

Main image: PA

Were the filmmakers wrong to do this? Have your say: