Isy Suttie live review: ‘Not your usual spiel of one liners’
Comedy review: Isy Suttie

Gives us a reflection of that grey area between adolescent and adulthood with a warmth and loveliness not often seen by a touring comic

Isy Suttie

Ella Wells delivers her verdict on stand-up Isy Suttie’s show at The Wardrobe in Leeds, as part of her Actual One tour

Leeds welcomes Peep Show star Isy Suttie to The Wardrobe with a red-wine-drinking, double-denim-wearing crowd of two hundred, all eagerly waiting to hear her tales of Roy the papier mache penguin and Anya the wacky Slovenian roommate.

The one hour stand-up show is not your usual spiel of one liners and witty punch lines – it’s Isy in a persona of awkwardness similar to her Peep Show character, Dobby, sharing stories of her search for Mr Right.

Suttie, a modern day Peter Pan, just doesn’t want to grow up. Her embarrassing anecdotes of relationship failures, taken from her new book The Actual One, become endearing stories and musical tributes to her then twenty-something year old self, looking for love.

There’s the crafting of 5ft papier mache penguin, Roy, as a desperate attempt to save her relationship, the brilliant rendition of her Slovenian roommate Anya’s consoling chorus ‘We All Die Alone’, and the refusal to date someone who grammatically confuses ‘your’ and you’re’.

In an unlikely alliance, the pairing of stand-up gig and book tour seems to work well for Isy. In such a short set her intimacy ensures the show feels more like your mate telling a story down the pub.

There are even tales outside of the bedroom, with a reading from her GCSE History exam and an anecdote involving throwing a pound coin at Howard Donald’s forehead. Not to forget a mention of her mum’s infamous letters, keeping Isy updated with the happenings of her beloved hometown Matlock.

Now a happily coupled-up mother to a baby girl, Suttie gives us a reflection of that grey area between adolescent and adulthood with a warmth and loveliness not often seen by a touring comic.

Isy Suttie plays the following remaining live dates:

11 Feb: Norwich, Playhouse
15 Feb: London, Kings Place
17 Feb: Winchester, Discovery Centre
19 Feb: Matlock Bath, Grand Pavilion
15 Mar: Glasgow, The Stand

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