Legends of Rock head to Bristol for new exhibition
Amy Winhouse at the Legends of Rock exhibition

A new exhibition is hitting Bristol’s Steam Cafe Bar this Valentine’s Day, celebrating over three decades of rock music photography.

Legends of Rock will display the “hidden gems” of legendary rock photographer Phil Nicholls, who has an impressive compilation of subjects under his belt including Amy Winehouse, The Prodigy, The Pixies, and Lemmy.

We caught up with Dani Booth, The Marketing Director of Paper Gods – the company behind the exhibition – and asked him how the idea came about.

“It was a chance meeting of like-minded music lovers with perfectly aligned and complimentary skills. The Creative Director, Phil Nicholls, is a rock photographer of 30 years with an extensive body of work. David Trew, the Production Director, has a wealth of knowledge in print production and business operations as well as a handsome collection of large format printers. And I have a history in marketing, specifically E-Commerce and Digital Marketing.”

Amy Winhouse by Phil Nicholls


According to Dani, the exhibition stems from a desire to “celebrate some of the legends of music history from Phil’s archive, and have a bloody good time in the process”:

“We’re all about bringing fans of music closer to their own personal gods, so we hope to see lots of people attending Steam Cafe Bar just to appreciate the work and hang out at the venue. We also want to expand our archive so I’m keen to meet with other photographers with a decent body of work. I think once they see what an impact we can make I think they’ll be keen to get involved.”

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The organisation of the exhibition has gone smoothly, with the biggest challenge for Dani and his team being the selection of work that they plan to use:

“Phil’s archive is massive and choosing is super difficult. There will be so much more content added to our website over the next few weeks, but for now we hope we’ve selected some of the most interesting for the exhibition.”

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For visitors, signed limited edition pieces will be on display and available for order, whilst the free-entry event allows the public to browse the artistic work of the photography legend.

Dani notes that the whole process has been exciting for the team, but the printing was a highlight:

“Seeing these beautiful images rolling off of our massive printers was definitely a highlight. They really are amazing things to behold.”

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The exhibition will take place at The Steam Cafe Bar on Union Street and is open from 2pm on Sun 14 February through to 31 March.

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Main image: Paper Gods