Anti-Valentines Day: 5 survival tips for singletons

Sure, it’s all well and good booking a table at a fancy restaurant, having a bottle of champagne on ice for when you arrive, taking a romantic stroll along the waterfront, maybe dancing along the way, having a hotel room prepped with red petals and perfume…

But people tend to think you’re a little weird if you do all that stuff alone.

Unfortunately, Valentines Day is a million times more difficult if you’re unlucky enough (or lucky enough, depending on how you look at it) to be single.

We’re nothing if not caring, so here’s how you can enjoy February 14 without confessing your undying love to the first person you see.

Apparently, desperation isn’t attractive.

Netflix is your friend

Orange is the new black

There are plenty of brilliant flicks to get you out of the Valentine’s Day blues, and many of them are available on Netflix right now, from outrageous comedies to alternative sci-fi films to war movies.

There’s no shame a binge of quality shows like House of Cards, Making a Murderer or Orange is the New Black either.

We have plenty more tips right here. Just avoid the rom-coms, OK?

There’s no shame in a solo cinema trip


Honestly though, cliché as it may be, there’s nothing better than going to the cinema alone, although you may have to watch out for unsuspecting courting couples that’ll try to ruin your night.

Vicious anti-heroes, vilified writers (or ex-meth dealers), and Steve Carell being really really angry – trust us, there are plenty of brilliant movies to tide you over for the night.

Gigs = therapy for the soul

Foals - Leeds Festival

Music is the medicine of the soul, so if your heart has been metaphorically torn out by the spirit of loneliness, go to A and E quickly – you’re in danger.

Nah, we’re messing. Go to a gig, of course, and mosh so hard you literally collapse. We don’t care if you’re going to see Susan Boyle, mosh!

There are plenty of gigs happening around the UK, so there’s no excuse for sitting in and listening to iTunes. It’s not the same.

The Who – February 13: Wembley Arena – more info
Foals – February 14: Arena, Manchester – more info
Suede – February 14: O2 Academy, Leeds – more info
Parkway Drive – February 14: O2 Academy, Glasgow – more info

Go on a gaming marathon

Star Wars Battlefront

Here’s the trick to gaming, in case you’d like to play more, but aren’t very good: you pick up the controller, and you play any given game until the sun rises.

And it’s as simple as that.

Star Wars: BattlefrontDestinyFallout 4Metal Gear Solid V, Grand Theft Auto Online. There are too many to count, but there are never too many to play.

Tune out and tune in

Rugby ball Six Nations


TV is also your friend at this fragile time of year.

If you’re a rugby person, you’ll no doubt know that the Six Nations is on this weekend, and it’s France v Ireland and Wales vs Scotland on Saturday and Italy v England on Sunday, so you’ll have some genuinely dramatic sporting contests.

Elsewhere on the box on Sunday you’ve got the BAFTAs (BBC1, 9pm), Deutschland 83 (Channel 4, 9pm), Kick-Ass on Film4 (9pm) and Tron: Legacy (BBC2, 11.10pm).

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