Kanye West’s video game looks utterly insane
Only One game

So, it’s official: Kanye West is planning to take over the world. And his next step is to conquer the world of video games.

At his Yeezy Season 3 event, where he also streamed the entirety of his new albumThe Life of Pablo (we know, we know), the announcement of Kanye’s very own gaming experience, Only One, certainly raised a few eyebrows.

I mean, games involving pop stars always work out so well.

From what we can gather, the game is based on West’s song ‘Only One’, with which it shares its name.

That’s a shame really, as his inclination towards ostentatious titles may have come in handy for a video game. Could we suggest: The Amazing Orange Adventures of the Bombastic Senior Compass King, for example?

In fairness, a wacky moniker may be one step too far for this project, as, like the song, the game focuses thematically on the death of Donda, Kanye West’s late mother, and her journey to the afterlife.

Here’s a sneak preview:

Apparently, players will control Donda West as she passes into the afterlife, and guide her into the gates of heaven.

We’re sure you’re as eager to learn more about West’s venture into the world of video gaming as we are, but the award-winning rapper failed to give any more details on the product.

Kanye West video game


So we don’t know how much it’ll cost, we don’t know what platform you’ll be able to play it on, and we don’t really know what the game will actually involve.

All we know is that the celestial representation of Kanye West’s deceased mother is the playable character, and that’s enough for us.

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