Silent Hills: why the gang are definitely getting back together
Silent Hills

Like most gamers, we were heart-broken when it was announced that Hideo Kojima’s exciting horror reboot Silent Hills would be scrapped, due to what seemed like one big tantrum from Konami.

It looked genuinely scary, the playable demo was captivating to the core, and the combination of Kojima’s eccentric ideas with Guillermo Del Toro’s endless imagination for fantasy fiction wasn’t just exciting – it could have signaled a new age for video games.

Recently though, there has been evidence to suggest that the venture might be back on, and with the DICE Summit only a couple of days away, we’ve rounded up all of the reasons why we think Kojima’s band of merry game creators are getting back together.

They’re at the DICE Summit

Coincidence I think not

Both Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro are to appear at the DICE Summit later this week, and not just as guests – you’re not going to tune in to the show all excited to see Kojima leaning on a bar slurring about Snake. No, the pair are attending the event, as keynote speakers.

Sure, they’ll try and tell us it’s all about getting some insight into two master story-tellers and their creative process, but we’re absolutely sure they’ll be using this opportunity to announce a brand new project they’re working on together.

Ipso facto: we’ve got a new Silent Hills game coming – albeit probably under a different name.

Everyone wants to do it

Guillermo del Toro


Guillermo Del Toro said that he was disappointed the project fell through, Norman Reedus has expressed his desire for the game to be made, there’s even a fan-made petition circling the internet attempting to unite the gang again.

If Del Toro wants to do it, Reedus wants to star in it, and Kojima has no qualms with making one of the greatest horror-games in recent memory, surely nothing can stop them, can it?

Plus, that petition is nearly on 200,000 signatures. Not bad, eh?

Konami are long gone

Sad snake metal gear solid

Now that Konami have officially retreated to the world of erotic vampire pinball (don’t ask), there is absolutely no authoritative power to halt the project. Kojima’s spats with the massive game developing giant/publishing giant/slot-machine-specialists were always a hindrance to the general flow of things.

Obviously, now that they’re attention is elsewhere, and they no longer have him under their iron rule, Kojima is free to reform his gaming super-group, and sort out our desperate need for quality horror video games once and for all.

Reedus and Kojima are still bros

So apparently, when he’s not battling undead hordes with his crossbow, Norman Reedus hangs out with Hideo Kojima in, what looks like a pub in Lancashire.

Tweeted only today, this message from Kojima hints at a possible return for the Walking Dead actor, after his previous position in Silent Hills was scrapped.

Are we to expect Norman Reedus at the DICE Summit? Who knows, but if we were you, we wouldn’t be too surprised if we see another bromance tweet go out on Thursday.

Sony are on board

Hmm Aragorn

Oh yeah, now you’re listening. Kojima Productions making a game is one thing, but when Sony gives their financial backing, then things get serious.

The split with Konami puzzled most people – it’s hardly savvy business to fire an insanely popular game developer, widely considered to be a genius in his field, right at the height of his fame and potential – but luckily for us, the clever execs at Sony were there to snap up the opportunity.

A new PS4 title has been long reported, and with a comapny of that size backing them, we can see no reason why Kojima, Del Toro, and Norman Reedus shouldn’t get together to make the game we’ve all been waiting for.