5 expert tips for growing the best beard
Sink Anchor beard

It seems beautifully coiffed beards are the ultimate facial accessory these days, but growing and maintaining one isn’t as easy as it looks.

Before you embark on your first foray into facial hair or rage-shave your subpar beard off in a fit of frustration – don’t do it, you’ll regret it – it’s worth consulting with an expert.

Sink Anchor barber
Sink and Anchor

Sink and Anchor barber in Edinburgh’s West Port was opened in August 2015 by couple Luke and Rachel, who were quickly joined by barber Jo.

If you couldn’t already tell by the video games consoles and complimentary pints of craft beer, it’s a pretty damn cool place to get your barnet and beard seen to.

Here the Sink and Anchor team share their top five beard commandments that should be committed to memory by any and every fan of facial hair.

“It was said recently that beards are going out of fashion, but we think its safe to stay they are here to stay. Growing a beard takes a lot of time and patience, so once you’ve grown that beard here’s how to keep it looking good.”

1. Like people, beards come in all shapes and sizes

Sink Anchor beard
Sink and Anchor

“We recommend speaking to your barber about the best shape of beard that not only suits your face, but also suits the way your beard grows. Beard trimming from home can be very difficult and often has disappointing end results. We recommend seeing your barber every four to six weeks for a trim and a shape up.”

2. Bathe your beard regularly

“We don’t recommend using normal shampoo on a beard. Although your beard is hair, it’s not the same as the hair on your head. It’s important to use a natural soap for the job, as regular soap will cause the skin to dry out and this can halt beard growth.”

3. Always oil up

“Towel dry your beard after washing, then add a healthy dollop of beard oil. Beard oil is absolutely essential when you have a beard. The skin under your beard can often become very dry and itchy, but using beard oil daily will help to hydrate your face. Beard oil also gives the beard a great shine and makes it much more manageable. Bonus – it also smells great.”

4. Get wood

“A wooden comb, that is. Have you ever combed your beard with a plastic comb or brush and ended up with curly hairs poking out at all angles? Not quite the look you were going for. This messy result is due to static from plastic, but wooden combs produce no static meaning no stray hairs.”

5. Be prepared to get messy

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“Always try to have a napkin at hand when there’s food or drinks around – we reckon this one speaks for itself.”

Some of Sink and Anchor’s recommended beard essentials

Uppercut Deluxe soap – “Goats milk acts as a natural moisturiser and oatmeal cleanses and acts as a gentle exfoliant perfect for giving that beard a good clean.”

Faith Fuzz beard oils – “These come in various sizes and scents. We use Lumberjack, Citrus woody and 50’s man in our shop. They all awesome and are all homemade and brewed here in Scotland.”

Sink and Anchor wooden pocket comb – “Our very own printed wooden comb, perfect pocket size, great for beards and hair styling.”

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