Restless Natives festival coming to Glasgow

The first ever Restless Natives festival has been announced for Glasgow this May.

The seven-day celebration is being billed as a “cross-platform multi-venue cultural festival championing independent purveyors of music, film, food, drink, business and numerous other fields within Scotland”.

Events will take place in venues throughout the East End of the city with a portion of all ticket sales being donated to specially nominated local charities.

As reported in The Skinnythe line-up pulls in talent from across the country.

So far it’s been announced that Cardiff’s Future of the Left, fresh from the release of their fifth album, will be bringing their frantic post-punk sound to the debut festival, as well as the space-age electro stylings of Blank Mass at the recently opened Saint Luke’s venue, alongside Canadian composer Tim Hecker.

The organisers of the festival are keen to showcase a wide range of talent, stretching across many genres of entertainment and the arts.

“Seven solid days of high quality cultural events incorporating everything from low-brow comedy to high-brow debates, slapstick short-films to stark documentaries and cerebral jazz to caustic punk rock,” write the organisers on the event website:

“RN prides itself on its strong ethical compass in the hope that this will ensure proper representation for the thriving independent arts and business communities, whilst also bringing to the city some of the world’s most respected musicians, film-makers, entrepreneurs and celebrated orators to stand alongside our own native talent. In the process, it will also seek to reinvigorate the cultural reputation and commercial prospects of The Barra’s and Calton areas of Glasgow’s East End.”

For dates, acts, venue and ticket information visit the Restless Natives website.