RIP Frank Kelly – the greatest Father Jack moments
Father Jack

Much-loved actor and sitcom star Frank Kelly, best-known for his hilariously brilliant performances in Father Ted as the explosive Jack Hackett, has sadly died.

In a career spanning almost 60 years of television work, Kelly was more than just a key part of one adored TV show, but he first captured many of our hearts playing the morally-shaky, often violent and always hammered Father Jack.

Drink Father Jack

Recently, Kelly had appearances in Emmerdale and Mrs. Browns Boys D’Movie, and continued to work tirelessly into his later years.

But we’ll remember him best as the foul-mouthed, bottle nursing, hibernating old priest who was about as holy as Katie Price, and we could think of no better way to say goodbye to him than looking over some of his most brilliant moments on the show.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is our pleasure to bring to you Father Jack’s most hilariously genius moments.

When he tried to learn posh-speak

Father Ted’s attempt to avoid embarrassment in-front of his peers by teaching Jack more words than “drink” and “feck off” were always doomed to fail, but the results are still brilliant.

Ah Jack, we wouldn’t take you any other way than kicking, screaming and drunkenly burbling, although how Frank Kelly actually managed to act so inebriated while being completely sober, we will never know.

When he fell in love with a brick

Father Jack brick

In fairness to him, it’s a very good-looking brick that Father Jack chooses to adopt, and he’s taking good care of it too… until he tosses it at Ted.

He rescued the brick from the shelter, and gave it a better life, which is a side you don’t always see to Jack, as Ted says.

Don’t talk for too long though – because he will launch it at your head.

When he got an advent calendar

Father Ted chirstmas

Christmas time at Casa de Ted, and everyone (especially Dougal) is loving life caroling and celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

Aw, sweet, isn’t it?

Father Jack has other ideas though, and when asked by Ted: “what do you think is behind the window Father Jack?” he promptly replies: “a pair of fecking women’s knickers.”

Truly, a Christmas miracle.

When he gets into a bar fight

Well, not a bar fight as you know it, although this guy should have known better than to get in the way of Father Jack and a good, stiff drink.

Sure, he’s a Priest, but that doesn’t give him the right to deprive Jack of his life-long dream: an open bar.

When he sees the ‘rats’

Father Jack rabbits

Dreary-eyed and confused, it’s easy to see why Father Jack confuses Dougal’s pet rabbit for a rat.

Come on, the guy has had so much drink down him, the fact that he can see at all is nothing short of a holy miracle.

When he remembers his words

Finally, Father Jack is regaining his ability to speak, slowly, remembering all of the essential nouns that one generally requires in life.

He also remembers Ted’s name, although, expectedly, he manages to put his own stylish twist on it.

We’re sure it was meant affectionately.