5 ways the Internet of Things can solve your everyday problems

Simply put, the Internet of Things refers to devices that are wirelessly connected to the internet, allowing them to transmit and receive information from us, the user.

It might sound futuristic, but it’s powering a huge amount of technology around us, and that’s only going to spread.

You may have seen the advert for an energy company with the annoying song telling you that you can control your heating from your phone?

That’s the IoT at work.

Over recent years there have been some absolutely awful products with this concept in mind, but we wanted to take a look at some of the more ingenious lifehacks enabled by wireless and app-driven tech.

The electronic ‘mum’


This creepy Russian-doll-looking thing is an all-in-one home monitoring device.

The Mother sensor will connect to your smart device via an app and will let you track almost anything from your coffee intake to who has just got home.

The device is on Amazon for £245, but who can really put a price on their mother?


The fridge checker

Ever wanted a camera inside your fridge? Well if you’ve got a spare $5,000 (around £3,600) lying around then the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator is the appliance for you.

Every time you close the door, three cameras snap the contents of the fridge. You can then check the contents of the fridge via an app when you’re at the shops and can’t remember if you’ve got enough beer…sorry milk, we meant milk.

Other features include an HD touch screen that you can stream music and films from. Cool.


The in-bed coffee-maker


Is there anything better than the smell of fresh coffee in the morning? Probably lots of things, but it’s definitely up there.

The new Nespresso Prodigio lets you make your much needed caffeine fix from your bed via an app.

Mornings are hard enough without having to deal with putting water into a kettle, pushing a button on said kettle and having to pour the water into a cup.

That stuff’s for losers who don’t have this bit of £159 coffee wizardry.


The remote door locker

Have you ever been rushing into work and when you’re halfway there you realise that you might have forgot to lock the door.

Even though you’re pretty sure you did there will be something tapping at the back of your mind all day telling you it’s wide open and when you get home all your stuff will be gone.

Well Lockitron lets you check if your door is locked and allows you to lock it with a swipe of a finger.

Also good if you got a bit tipsy after work and lost your keys.


The pizza button


It’s a pizza button. You press a button and pizza happens.

This button connects to the Domino’s app. Simply enter your favorite order into the app, along with your payment details and address, and when you push the button your order is placed and on its way to your door.

The button is limited edition but the app does the same thing. It just doesn’t come in its own tiny pizza box.



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