The most ingenious costumes for #WorldBookDay
Willy Wonka world book day

If you thought that books were boring, and didn’t bother involving yourself in World Book Day, then you have definitely missed a trick.

Families everywhere have been going to amazing lengths to get their kids into the fancy dress spirit.

So take a look at some of the greatest costumes in honour of World Book Day. Some definitely took more time than others.

The Chokey

For Roald Dahl fans everywhere. We particularly like the foam spikes.

The mummy

Toilet roll as a mummy’s bandages? Classic.

The menace

You’re one dastardly dog away from being a real menace to society.

The Captain

Captain Underpants probably wouldn’t have been our first choice, for obvious reasons. But good effort.

The Wonderland

“If you see a hare and an angry guy in a big hat, tell them I’m not around.”

The golden ticket

The golden ticket alone makes this one great.

The budget option

See, you don’t need money to look good!

The Waldo

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Obviously, you’d spend the whole day hiding from your teacher, and claim that you’re “just getting into character.”

The Sith Lord

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“I am your father” doesn’t really have the same effect here does it? Great mask though.

When all else fails…

Genius. Sheer genius.

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