Who said it: Donald Trump or Frank Underwood?

It’s harder than you’d think…

You won’t have missed the fact that Donald Trump is steamrollering his way towards becoming the Republican nominee for the White House – to the shock and amazement of the rest of thinking humanity.

If the tycoon eventually manages to defeat Hillary Clinton in the same way he’s swatted aside his adversaries so far, the mind boggles as to what he’ll be like as President.

(Although we can assume there will be a big wall along the Mexican border and there will be a high chance of WWIII.)

But if there’s a template for how he might operate, it could well come in the form of Francis J. Underwood, fictional President in House of Cards.

Kevin Spacey’s Leader of the Free World is a conniving, ruthless operator who goes to extreme, criminal lengths to hold on to power. Sound familiar?

Sure, they might come from opposing parties, but how different are they when it comes down to it?

To mark the premiere of Season 4 of House of Cards on Netflix, take our quiz to guess which political power-grabber came up with these OTT mantras…


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