5 things Spider-Man should do in Captain America: Civil War
Spider-Man Captain America Civil War

Yesterday, superhero fans across the land were rightly excited when a brand new trailer dropped for the upcoming Captain America: Civil War.

The film kicks off the so-called ‘Phase 3’ of Marvel‘s cinematic universe, and introduces a certain fella called Spider-Man to the Avengers’ squad.

He’s never featured in the MCU due to confusing legal wranglings over the rights to his character. Until now.

He’s finally entered the fray, and the new trailer gives us our first glimpse. Watch it here:

Here’s five things we want to see Spidey do in the forthcoming movie.

1. Be onscreen for a substantial amount of time

Spider Man Captain American trailer gif

Call us cautious but we’re really getting a sense of glorified cameo with Spider-Man’s inclusion in Civil War.

With shameless fan service at an all time high in superhero movies, and as many references and Easter eggs as possible packed in at the expense of movie-making quality, we wouldn’t be surprised if all of this fanfare amounts to nothing much.

Here’s hoping Spider-Man won’t just show up to lend a hand in a climactic battle scene, then bugger off again.

2. Not get bitten by a radioactive spider

Spider-Man Radioactive Spider

Do audiences really need to hear anymore about Spider-Man’s origin story, aside from a few snarky one-liners from Tony Stark?

Spider-Man is one of the more well-known heroes, and considering his arachnid-based story has already been told twice on cinema screens in the space of fifteen years, we don’t need to be wasting time telling a tale we’re already familiar with.

Although, Civil War‘s run time is the longest in Marvel history so…

3. Do some training and not just show up

Spider Man Captain America trailer gif

We want Spidey to be in Civil War for more than just one scene, but we don’t want a superfluous backstory being told. We need to find a happy medium.

We’d suggest one of the Avengers already involved seeks to recruit the webslinger after buzz around Peter Parker’s alter-ego reaches an all time high. Obviously, he’d have to go through some kind of performance centre training regime first to make sure he’s up to the job, which could make for a fun scene in itself.

Basically, we want some decent interaction with the characters already familiar to Avengers fans, and not for him to just get caught up and lazily written into a few scenes.

4. Make reference to that divisive costume

Spider-Man Captain America Civil War

When that trailer debuted, many fans leveled criticism at Spider-Man’s new look costume, which apparently lacks the detail of the suits seen in previous films, and just smacks of CGI naffness.

Well, according to those that have seen high-resolution images of the new costume, YouTube’s compression may have something to do with that, and the suit is actually a lot more detailed than can be made out in many in-browser media players.

Plus, the retrofit look is a very deliberate choice, harking back to Spidey’s comic book origins, and in particular his ‘Silver Age’ design.

5. Die

Spider-Man crying

A touch morbid maybe (!), but this is coming from a writer who thought that [Star Wars: Force Awakens spoilers ahead] Luke should never have even appeared in The Force Awakens as an amazingly buzz generating troll to movie fans.

Considering there’s a proposed Spider-Man reboot coming from Marvel themselves as part of Phase 3, we’d obviously be surprised if Spidey bites the dust (although we’ve seen stranger things explained away in comic book movies in the past).

But just imagine the fanboy outrage if he does meets an untimely demise after getting caught in the cross-hairs of Cap and Iron Man’s lover’s tiff.


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