Star Wars: The Force Awakens documentary – five things we want to find out
star wars the force awakens

There aren’t many film franchises that get people fizzing wildly with excitement, but Star Wars is certainly one of them.

A teaser trailer has been revealed for the feature length documentary Secrets of The Force Awakens: A Cinematic Journey, which we’ll all be able to see as a special feature on The Force Awakens‘ Blu-ray next month.

(Force Awakens spoilers follow, if you somehow haven’t seen it yet)

It looks pretty cool – and insightful.

Here are five questions we want answered from the documentary.

What was it like filming saga-altering scenes?

Kylo and Rey star wars

Some pretty big stuff happens in The Force Awakens. The moment when Kylo Ren cuts down Han Solo – his own father no less – will doubtless change the direction of the series forever.

What was it like filming those pivotal scenes, knowing they were going to be some of the most talked about in the saga’s history?

How uncomfortable was that Captain Phasma outfit?

Captain Phasma

Stormtrooper outfits look pretty cumbersome at the best of times, but Gwendoline Christie’s polished silver version seemed to have a lot more angles than her lower ranked counterparts.

And hers can’t have been the most impractical of the lot; we’d love to know how long it took to get those strange looking aliens in to costume.

How do you even prepare to become the new face of Star Wars?

star wars rey

By now it should be clear to anyone that’s seen the film that Rey is being positioned for a big heroic push in the Star Wars universe. But how does one prepare to become the new face of one of the biggest franchises going?

It’d be a daunting task for any actor, let alone a 23-year old ‘rookie’ like Daisy Ridley.

What was the atmosphere like in that room?


We all saw the internet-breaking shot of the cast of Episode VII assembled for a script read when it went online all those moons ago (it seems hard to imagine a time before The Force Awakens now).

What must it have been like to be in that room?

Awkward small talk between actors meeting each other for the first time? Younger stars fanboying out at meeting their heroes?

Hopefully the documentary will shed some light.

Was filming on the Skellig Isles a Star Wars horror story?

Star Wars Episode 8

The climactic scene of The Force Awakens takes place on a remote looking outcrop of craggy rock. In the film it’s ‘Ahch-To’, but in reality the Irish Sea and the Skellig Isles were the location of the shoot.

Previous entries in the Star Wars saga have offered up some horror story scenarios: actors and animatronics freezing in snowy Norway, Tunisia giving cast members heat stroke, that sort of thing.

Was Mark Hamill’s time atop a rocky outcrop equally as harrowing? Or have catering services and coffee technology reached a point where we can make anyone feel comfortable anywhere?


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