11 Glasgow secrets: new bars, more burgers, old school pies and pints
Glasgow Mackintosh Tower

At WOW247 Glasgow we understand that it’s not easy to keep up with all the latest goings on in this constantly moving city.

With new bars, shops and events popping up quicker than you can tweet about them, it’s getting tougher to stay in the know.

Acting much like that trendy well-informed friend who knows all the coolest new stuff, we thought we’d compile a list of the best new secrets that Glasgow has given up to us lately.

1. The bar is about to be raised on Miller Street

You can’t really say no to a bar claiming to have the “most extensive gantry in Glasgow”, can you? Well that’s the exciting boast being made by The Spiritualist Bar, the latest upmarket watering hole in the city. We reckon whether it’s a sloe gin or a fast shot you’re after, this place is sure to satisfy any weekend thirst.

2. There’s a crafty new pop-up heading to the South-Side

Glasgow’s excellent craft beer tradition is set to get even stronger with the announcement of a craft-beer pop-up on Kilmarnock Road. No doubt a product of the South-Side “revival”, this little bar will no doubt be popular among those wanting a brief change of atmosphere to Brewdog and WEST.

3. There’s good news for our local bands

Following in the footsteps of local indie labels Struggletown and Olive Grove records, Last Night From Glasgow – a non-profit record label – is to launch its co-operative venture soon. Set up with the noble intention of allowing talented, struggling artists to get their records heard by as many people as possible, it’s a commendable endeavor that’s both welcome and timely for Glasgow’s music scene. Here’s hoping that we hear success stories coming from these guys in the near future.

4. Get your fill of the Middle-East at The Glad Cafe

If there’s one cuisine that’s sorely lacking in Glasgow’s wonderful and varied restaurant scene – it’s Middle-Eastern. That’s why we are so excited to tell you that The Glad Cafe will soon be serving mouth-watering dishes such as Iranian vegetable stew with dried lime from their new cafe-style-service kitchen. And if that hasn’t quite swayed you then keep your eyes peeled for their menu tasting sessions happening sometime soon.

5. Glasgow’s going digital at SWG3

Whether you’re part of a techy start-up or a freelance blogger in much need of some networking opportunities, chances are you could probably do with going along to one of the themed monthly meetups run by Digital Media Meetup Glasgow. With a host of expert speakers, and a relaxing social vibe, these meetups are growing rapidly and are sure to become the must attend event of your monthly calendar. This month’s meetup – Women in Digital – will be held in SWG3 with panelists from Microsoft and Rockstar North.

6. Check out The Glasgow School of Art’s ‘artistic’ new design

A sneak preview of the new Glasgow School of Art building has just been unveiled, and it looks very promising indeed! The stunning piece of modern architecture, designed by renowned NY based architect Steven Holl, is not only going to provide picturesque surroundings for budding artists but its innovative cylindrical structures direct sunlight into the building, helping to cut back on energy usage – just don’t mention the Glasgow weather to the designers!

7. Byron is coming to Glasgow

Anything Edinburgh does Glasgow can do better. And with Byron Burger opening just a few month’s ago in Edinburgh, it should come as no surprise to see the Byron sign popping up on the streets of our dear green place. With the burger market in Glasgow already saturated (as alluded to by the chap in the above tweet), Byron will have to live up to its sizable reputation for giving its customers ‘proper burgers’. *Spoiler* We’ve been to the launch event, and the burgers and sides immediately rank as some of the best Glasgow has to offer.

8. Get Pie-eyed in the Merchant City

With all of this American nosh flying about Glasgow lately, you’d be forgiven for forgetting that such humbler pleasures still exist in Glasgow – such as a pie and a pint. And Glasgow’s newest bar and restaurant is here to remind you that. MacGregor’s Pie and Ale Howff is a welcome throwback to the auld style bars that once adorned Glasgow. But don’t let that fool you into thinking MacGregors is all about tradition: their pies include adventurous fillings such as chicken curry, haggis and the intriguing proposition of venison and Irn Bru.

9. Thing’s are getting hot under the collar at Sleazies

I admit to perhaps having shed a tear upon hearing the news that the masterful Meathammer’s burgers were no longer available on Nice n Sleazy’s menu. However, I couldn’t think of a better successor to the Meathammer throne than the excellent Babu Bombay Street Kitchen. Having started life as a pop-up, and grown to having their very own restaurant, Babu’s street-style Indian treats have long been a favourite among the spice lovers of the city. Now all that remains to be seen is how Babu’s flavoursome curries goes down with one of Sleazie’s famed White Russians – for better or worse, we’re up for trying it.

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10. Booking a holiday will never be tedious again

With in-store travel experts who have first hand experiences of the places they are selling, Kuoni Travel are revolutionising the way in which holidays are booked. And with summer creeping slowly upon us, it couldn’t be better timing for them to open a store here in Glasgow. Perhaps now’s the time to say goodbye to the Clyde and hello to a once-in-a-lifetime trip down the Amazon river.

11. And there’s gift ideas abound in the West-End

If you’re someone who inevitably gives your loved ones a naff gift for their birthday (just face the fact that they probably don’t need another novelty mug) then Studio Number One could be a gift-giving saviour. This new West-End gift shop has an opening day party on the 24th March, with open studios from local craft makers Dragonfly Boutique and Sweetheart Creations, alongside the promise of cake and wine – and let’s be honest what could possibly be better than the combination of shopping, cake and wine?! Nothing, that’s what.

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