A club in Manchester is offering ‘free midgets’ with their VIP tables
Oxford Club, Manchester

Manchester’s newest club night has caused a stir with a VIP booth deal including a ‘free midget’ with their VIP booths.

Oh dear.

‘The Closet Presents Wonderland’ is an Easter Bank Holiday night at The Oxford Club on Manchester’s Southmill Street.

The people behind ‘Wonderland’ describe it as a night “full of funky beats and f***ed up treats” where you’re apparently “guaranteed to exit WONDERLAND with question marks hanging over your head.”

Unfortunately the main question now is “are you really offering a ‘midget’ as a VIP booth extra?”

The ‘Ballers Booth’ package available is an £850 including entry for 15 people, various bottles of alcohol and “a free midget…”

According to sources, the ‘Tweedle Dee’ or ‘Tweedle Dum’ character will wait on your table and is even willing to dance on demand.

Unsurprisingly, the Restricted Growth Association have come out against Wonderland’s plans with an online petition calling for The Oxford Club not to host the ‘free midget’ night. The petition explains:

“We believe such an event is distasteful and discriminatory, and can encourage abuse towards people with restricted growth. We also find the use of the word ‘midget’ deeply offensive.”

Firstly, anyone paying out nearly £1,000 for a ‘VIP’ booth at a club needs to take a long hard look in the mirror.

Secondly, anyone exploiting people with dwarfism as a gimmick for financial gain and passing it off as ‘banter’ also needs to take a long hard look in that same mirror.

In the shame cube you go, The Oxford Club.