5 things you need to watch this weekend
batman etc 2

Life is short and time is money, so we understand if you have to be selective about what you’re viewing this weekend.

Luckily for you, we’ve narrowed down the weekly offerings from the big, little and portable screens – to help you get ahead of what everyone will be discussing on Monday morning – or Tuesday, if you’re off for Easter.

Here’s our pick of the weekend watching…


Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Be it an over-ripe CGI mess or the darkest superhero instalment to date – you know that you have to catch Batman going toe-to-toe with Supes this weekend.

This warm-up for the Justice League franchise is currently splitting opinion, with rave reviews from some fans whilst the critics have been quick to line up and sink their kryptonite into the franchise before it’s even available to the general public (as our review did). Event cinema, at its finest.

In cinemas from March 25


Blue Eyes

Blue Eyes 3

The latest instalment of ‘Nordic Noir’ for those after another fix of subtitled Scandinavian action.

Blue Eyes comes from some of the people who brought us cross-border detective drama The Bridge, but is looking to explore contemporary issues in modern Sweden such as race, immigration and terrorism through the perspective of Justice Department chief-of-staff. Expect the Scandinavian sheen of your other favourite series, but with a brutal edge of reality thrown into the mix.

Blue Eyes begins on March 25, on More 4


Jimmy Carr: Funny Business

Netflix continues its rise to the top of stand-up comedy with another exclusive live show. Gag-man Jimmy Carr becomes the first British comedian to release a show exclusively on the streaming network, with Frankie Boyle set to follow early next month.

You could even save this for then, and revel in a double-bill of near-the-knuckle comedy.

Jimmy Carr: Funny Business is available on Netflix now

Amazon Prime

13 Minutes

One of the best aspects of streaming networks is catching films which you may have missed due to a limited cinema release. 13 Minutes is a German production which toured the film festival circuit in 2015 and picked up strong reviews along the way.

The period drama is directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel of Downfall and portrays the real-life story of Georg Elser, a would-be assassin who attempted to kill Adolf Hitler in 1939. Actor Christian Friedel received praise for his depiction of Elser.

13 Minutes is available on Amazon Prime now


Welcome To Leith

Welcome To Leith doc

If you’re after some hard-hitting documentary action to shake away those work-week blues, it might be worth straying into Leith.

No, we’re not talking the Leith of The Proclaimers fame, but a town in North Dakota, USA which became the location of a take-over by white supremacist Craig Cobb – and a backlash from local residents.

Welcome to Leith is a gripping look at an ugly side of society that people will often ignore, but is becoming more and more prevalent.

Welcome to Leith is available on DVD now


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