John Oliver has an amazing conspiracy theory about Cadbury Creme Eggs

John Oliver is used to lambasting the likes of Donald Trump and FIFA, but in an Easter special, the subject of his satire was Cadbury Creme Eggs.

As if Cadbury switching out the Dairy Milk chocolate for a cheaper alternative wasn’t bad enough for Creme Egg PR.

Taking on the style of classic YouTube conspiracy videos (key ingredients: “a wild claim” and “an eye for incredibly specific detail”), the comedian and host of HBO’s Last Week Tonight asks viewers to “open their eyes” to a “terrible candy that tastes like mermaid’s placenta covered in candle wax”.

His amazingly bonkers theory includes The Illuminati, German gold, Beyoncé and civil rights activist Al Sharpton.

Watch John Oliver in full flow below:

Signing off, Oliver says that he’s pretty sure everything he said was false, but “it felt amazing to say”.

And that’s what conspiracy theories are all about.


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