Batman picks up Uber passengers in brilliant prank
Batman Uber Lambo

Ah, Uber – the increasingly world-dominating taxi service, associated with smart phone booking, angry traditional cabbies, and Batman.

Wait, what?

In what is either a fantastic publicity stunt or a serious misuse of a black Lamborghini, one smooth Uber driver decided to pick up his passengers while dressed as the Dark Knight.

And yes, he really did drive a black Lamboghini – you know, a bit like the Batmobile.

I'm Batman

Okay okay, so it wasn’t a legitimate Uber driver that clad himself in black and played crazy taxi in the name of a prank – although that would have made the whole thing much more humorous.

JoshPalerLin, whose YouTube account the video went up on, is notorious for his devilish antics, and regularly uploads videos of him pranking innocent on the streets.

We’d take an educated guess at this being his first time dressing as Batman and pretending to be a taxi driver however.

Time are tough, and the Bat Cave has a mortgage the size of a Hollywood Blockbuster budget on it – you can hardly blame Mr. Wayne for taking up a part time taxiing job.


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