Top Gear trailer: five things it tells us
Top Gear Matt Le Blanc

Even the most cynical fans would have to admit that the rebooted Top Gear is at least looking…interesting.

Where once we thought a fall from grace was inevitable, in steps Matt Le Blanc. And the new trailer suggests some wild times ahead:

Admit it: at this point, the new Clarkson-less Top Gear looks better than you first thought.

Here’s what we’ve gleaned from the latest preview.

Chris Evans hasn’t got the stomach for it

Chris Evans Top Gear

And when we say “hasn’t got the stomach”, we mean it literally, as Evans has to stop a spinning car to vomit on the tarmac.

We’re not being funny or anything, but a spinning car? We’re sure Jeremy Clarkson was shot at in Argentina, and Richard Hammond forced to pull a car out of a swamp.

One of the producers needs to tell him that this kind of thing happens every week, before he hurts himself.

There’s more crazy races


Not only do we see a sand buggy essentially spinning into burnout in the trailer, but we also get a glimpse at Evans racing a eurofighter jet, Matt Le Blanc in a Reliant Robin-like thing, and The Stig cruising down a desert road in a truck.

They need to work on their catchphrases

Chris Evans feel the heat

Seriously, if you’re going to make it in this game Chris, you need to work on your catchphrases. Screaming “feel the heat baby” in a broken voice while driving a supercar is not something the viewers of Top Gear have grown accustomed to seeing.

It’s ‘get cooler, or die trying’ time.

Matt Le Blanc think he’s Evel Knievel

Top Gear Matt Le Blanc

Who’s betting that they’ll try and get him to ramp over Ben Nevis, in a Reliant Robin with flaming wheels, wearing a cape?

The Stig is going on holiday

The Stig

Here, we see a flashy supercar cooly drifting around a narrow mountain road, presumably somewhere in France or Switzerland or some place like that. There are three possibilities as to what this could mean.

Either: 1) Chris Evans or Matt Le Blanc have developed demonic driving skills; 2) They both (wrongly) think that they have developed demonic driving skills and we’re about to watch them plummet off of the mountain to their deaths; or 3) The Stig is going on holiday.

We’d go with the third one, if we had to put money on it.


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