15 things you’ll only know about Sauchiehall Street if you’re a local
Sauchiehall Street

Ah, Sauchiehall Street: the life-source that cuts the great city of Glasgow down the middle.

It hasn’t always gained the best reputation, and at times, justly so – but let’s be honest – Glasgow would be nowhere without its character.

So we thought we’d put together a list of things which every Glaswegian should know about the most exciting street in the city.

1. You can get a bit of history with your afternoon tea

Not only is The Willow Tea Rooms one of the most elegant and relaxing places to have a mid-afternoon cuppa, but it was also designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh. You can sit in one of his signature designed chairs, with a sandwich in one hand and a tea in the other, as you soak up the architectural history of Glasgow

2. The graffiti is fantastic

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Sauchiehall Street isn’t the first place you’d think about when we’re talking about great art. But just look closely enough and you might see some wonderful pieces of creativity speckled throughout the street. It must be said, the Marilyn Thatcher is a particular highlight.

3. Steak and Cherry always endures

Steak and Cherry is not just one of the best late night eateries in Glasgow, but it’s also the stuff of legend in and around Sauchiehall Street after it rose up from the ashes (reopened) following a tragic incident in which it was burnt to the ground.

4. There’s a lot of late night eating choices

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If you’ve ever finished up on Sauchiehall Street after a drink or two, then you’ll know the delights that await you in any one of the fantastic (we do use that term sparingly when sober) takeout shops which are littered throughout. You’ve never had a proper Sauchiehall Street night until you’ve made the tough decision between Kebab City and Bistro. (Spoiler: both do the trick)

5. It’s home to Glasgow’s first ‘skyscraper’

I know, I know; it’s hardly Trump Tower – but what The Beresford lacks in stature, it sure makes up for in its beautiful art deco facade.

6. It’s awfy braw at Christmas

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There’s few greater pleasures to be had in Glasgow than walking down Sauchiehall Street at night during the festive season. You’ll find fairy lights twinkling above you, trees illuminated by lights and if you’re lucky enough, you might encounter a drunken Santa or two.

7. It’s got every kind of nightclub you could wish for

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Whether it’s indie night at ABC, cheesy pop at The Garage or some experimental dance beats at Nice n Sleazy you fancy – Sauchiehall Street has a little something for every kind of clubber.

8. The night doesn’t have to end at 3am

If you’re the sort of person who doesn’t know when to call it a night, then you’ve probably ended up in the Sauchiehall Street casino on more than one occasion. The beauty of this plan is you get the chance to win back all of the money you’ve just wasted on booze – not that we would ever condone such a thing, mind you.

9. The taxis rule the street

Not only does it take an age to queue for a taxi on Sauchiehall Street, but the black ships of Sauchiehall are hell-bent on making it near impossible for you to cross the road in one peice.

10. The buskers get creative

So Darth Vader is feeling the pinch – busking on Sauchiehall Street. #starwars #busker #glasgow #onlyinglasgow

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Sauchiehall Street wouldn’t be the same without those wacky buskers outside The Bank of Scotland. One night you might pass by a five-piece ska band and the next day there will be a solo harpist. It’s the sort of off-the-wall, don’t-give-a-damnery that you become accustomed to whilst walking down the street.

11. It has (arguably) the best steak in Glasgow

If you ask anyone on Sauchiehall Street where you can find yourself a good piece of steak, odds are they will point you in the direction of The Butchershop Bar and Grill. It’s a bit of march up to the posh end of Sauchiehall Street, but once you put that juicy hunk of meatiness into your mouth, you’ll know it was well worth it.

12. Bath Street is totally up itself

It’s like Sauchiehall Street but instead of kebab shops and off-licences, it’s barber shops and solicitor’s offices.

13. Don’t judge The Variety Bar by its cover

Variety Bar might look like your usual ‘err, probably should avoid that’ boozer, but step inside and you’ll be treated to one of the best atmospheres that you’re likely to find in the entire city.

14. Sleazies jukebox is a musical treasure-chest

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I almost reached the end of the list without mentioning my beloved Nice n Sleazy. But really, not to include their famed jukebox in this list would be a major crime. Anyone who’s anyone with a love of music knows it’s the only thing worth gravitating towards if you find yourself on Sauchiehall Street.

15. And lastly, does it ever end?

If you’ve started walking from the top of Buchanan Street and found yourself gasping for a pint by the time you come to Brewdog, you’ll know what I mean by this one.

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