The Killing Joke trailer: five things we’ve learned
Killing Joke

Although all Batman related news at the moment seems to be pretty much centred around Ben Affleck and his portrayal of Bruce Wayne, you should definitely take a minute to check out the new Killing Joke trailer.

Yes, the most gruesome Batman novella out there is being made into a feature film. And here’s the first sneak peak:

Alan Moore and Brian Bolland’s infamous Dark Knight story really is as dark as they come, and chronicles the creation of Batman’s truest nemesis: The Joker.

So is it any surprise that fans are going ballistic over the preview? If you’ve not read the graphic novel, here are all of the things we learned from the trailer that you’ll need to know in preparation for the upcoming movie.

(P.S: die hard fans can check out the 12 minute long special preview, featuring mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy)

It’s dark… very dark

Commisioner Gordon captured

When we say “it’s dark”, we don’t mean “it’s Christopher Nolan: Batman is a bit of an anti-hero, Harvey Dent is morally ambiguous and The Joker blows up an empty hospital dark”. Oh no, we’re into seriously psychological thriller territory.

The Killing Joke is arguably the Dark Knight’s most brutal adventure, and really focuses on the pure insanity of Batman’s clown-like nemesis – a theme that director Sam Liu seems to be carrying over to his movie.

See pictured: Commissioner Gordon imprisoned by a group of weird minion toddlers. We did warn you.

The Joker goes hardcore

The Joker hold up

While Heath Ledger currently holds the title of ‘World’s Favourite Joker’, Star Wars’ Mark Hamill (Yes, Luke Skywalker, if you didn’t already know, plays the villain in the video games and the upcoming animated movie) puts in a cracking performance.

Expect pure brutality in The Killing Joke from Hamill’s character, and less of the calculated genius that Ledger brought.

There’s going to be a face-off

Joker Batman face off

Although Batman’s arch nemesis usually spend his time toying with the caped crusader from afar, manipulating and scheming in the criminal underbelly of Gotham, The Killing Joke will introduce a final showdown between the pair.

The trailer gives us a glimpse of the one-on-one, during which our antagonist grins wholeheartedly. Batman will take on The Joker head-on, with fists of fury.

He starts in jail

The Joker playing cards

Given that the trailer states “he’s been in custody for two years”, it’s fairly safe to assume that the Joker is incarcerated at the start of the film, and The Killing Joke will see Batman rendezvous with the green-haired goon in prison.

You know what that means: massive breakout.

We wouldn’t mention it if it didn’t instill a worrying, ominous tone into the trailer, giving the sense that The Joker is in complete control of the situation, as per usual.

It features conjoined-twin knife throwers

Two headed knife thrower

Apparently, The Joker isn’t the only bad guy the Dark Knight is forced to deal with in The Killing Joke. In this still, we see what looks like conjoined-twins lobbing knives at Batman, which means that the Joker has recruited some rather unconventional help.



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