10 of the best alternatives to coffee in Glasgow
Byron milkshake

Glasgow – like most cities in the world – has become over-run with swarms of coffee-shop chains offering free wifi in surroundings which seem perfectly conducive to working on your blog or reading a book.

But if you’re anything like this writer, then you’re probably at the stage where you’re wanting something a bit different to the usual overpriced coffee, and fed up of feeling like an idiot when you have to say grande instead of large.

So with this in mind, let’s take a look at the best alternatives to coffee that Glasgow has to offer.

Fairies Blood – Tchai-Ovna

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What sounds like it might be drink straight out of a mythical Gothic horror novel, is actually one of the most refreshing infusions available at Glasgow’s quintessential tea-house, Tchai-Ovna. Blending together a mix of strawberry, kiwi, mint, camomile, raspberry flowers and honey – this is one drink that’s sure to put you in a deep relaxation mode.

42 Otago Ln, G12 8PB – tchaiovna.com

Bubble Tea – Mooboo

Bubble tea might be unknown to most people, but foodie (and drinkie) bloggers have taken to their instagrams in their droves to posting pictures of this mysteriously colourful new drink. And although relatively new to these shores, this milk and tea based drink with tapioca balls (bubbles), has been around since the earlier ’80s in Taiwan where it’s a popular every-day alternative to tea and coffee.

55 St Enoch Square, G1 4BW – mooboo.co

Ciocchino – Kimbles

It’s a well held belief that there are fewer finer things in life than a warming mug of hot chocolate, and there’s nowhere in Glasgow making a more satisfying one than at Kimble’s. For an indulgent twist on a traditional hot chocholate, try their ciocchino, with its intense hit of real dark cocoa served up in an espresso shot.

55 St Enoch Square, G1 4BW – www.ilovekimbles.co.uk

Botanical Smoothie – Juice Garden

Who doesn’t like drinking something that’s both healthy and delicious? Well at Juice Garden they’ve got you covered with their range of natural, organic and vegan friendly smoothies. Perfect for those of you who are on a strict dietary lifestyle.

223 Byres Rd, G12 8UD – juicegarden.org

Protein Shakes – Prep Fitness Kitchen

Prep Fitness Kitchen might initially look like somewhere you can only gain entrance to with a gym membership, but rest-assured this place is for everyone, and it’s a good thing because their drinks are genuinely fantastic. Try their Choclift-Orange for a filling accompaniment to a lunch or for the more adventurous among you, there’s the surprisingly yummy Avocardio.

22 Bath St, G2 1HB – facebook.com/prepglasgow/

Mango Lassi – Babu Bombay Street Kitchen

For those of you who are bored with having an afternoon coffee and cake combination (I know, life can be such a drag), then why not try a lassi and curry to spice you up out of your habit. Trust me when I say Babu’s mango and cardomom lassi is one of the best drinks I’ve had in Glasgow, period.

186 W Regent St, Glasgow G2 4RU – babu-kitchen.com

Peanut Butter Milkshake – Byron Burger

Bringing all the boys tae the yard wi this bad boy. Peanut butter milkshake. #byronburger

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If the sign of a classic milkshake is that it’s thick enough for the straw to stand upright of its own accord, then Byron’s is one creamy masterpiece. Made with a generous amount of ice cream and served up Americana style malt cup, their peanut butter milkshake is a drink that you’ll savour until the very last slurp.

100 West George Street, G2 1PP – byronhamburgers.com

Cranachan Green Tea – Cup Tea Lounge

If all that cream and peanut butter sounds a bit too much for a coffee replacement, then perhaps the subtle and elegant cranachan green tea from Cup Glasgow will be more like what you’re after.

71 Renfield St, G2 1LP – cupglasgow.co.uk

Compose a Drink – Tempo Tea Bar

If you’re half as indecisive as I am when ordering from a menu, then perhaps the option-filled drinks menu at Tempo Tea Bar might keep you busy enough to work up quite the thirst. With a fun and interactive way of ordering your milk or fruit based tea, Tempo is the perfect place to go with friends, relax and argue over who has created the best drink.

83 Queen St, G1 3DA – tempoteabar.com

Yogi Yogi Tchai at Tchai Ovna

@ni_sw_jenna i'm currently enjoying the bed tea ever in Glasgow. Its called Yogi yogi chai #tchaiovna#widn

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It seems fitting that this list should be book-ended by two different drinks from Glasgow institution Tchai Ovna. It’s the first place that should come to mind when looking for an alternative to a coffee-shop, and their Yogi Yogi Chai – infused with black tea and ginger – is definitely the best Tchai Tea Latte in the whole city.

42 Otago Ln, Glasgow, Glasgow City G12 8PB

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