David Brent movie trailer: six things we’ve learned
David Brent Life on the Road trailer still

Huzzah! It’s finally here – the first look at The Office spin-off movie David Brent: Life on the Road.

And from the looks of this first teaser trailer, we could be in for something of a laugh riot with the return of the bumbling David Brent.

No longer at Wernhem Hogg, Brent has instead taken up his love for awful songwriting once more, and the film looks to follow the cringe-inducing musician as he tours his wares around the country.

Here’s the trailer:

And here’s what we’ve learned:

The Office really was that long ago

Ricky Gervais Life on the road

“You probably know me as the star of the BBC 2 documentary The Office, back in two thousand and hrrrrmpph.”

Brent is reluctant to show his age by admitting just how long ago the original series of The Office was, but a quick Wikipedia search makes us feel super old by reminding us it was a whopping 15 years ago.

How time flies!

He’s living the dream

“That was then, this is now.”

Brent tells us that he’s “currently a singer-songwriter”, alluding to the fact he’s given up the corporate day job at the Wernham Hogg Paper Company and moved on to pursue a dream in music.

Has he left the office cubicles, team meetings and workplace banter behind for good as he takes on a more fulfilling, artistic career path? Or will we see his new line of work fail, with him begging to return to the mundanity of paper production by the end of the film?

Brent’s spelling needs work

The office movie cumin

After pointing out the obviousness of his own metaphor for sex (“there’s a party in my trousers, and everybody’s coming”), Brent opts to go one further by asking an office worker how he’s spelling “coming”.

“C-U-M-I-N” is the reply.

We’re not sure what’s worse, the initial image or this new, culinary tinged one?

Wernhem Hogg is long gone

The office movie lavichem

Perhaps a victim of the economic crash, perhaps a sign that paper is near enough null and void in this digital age, it seems Wernhem Hogg is a thing of the past as Brent turns up to the offices of Lavichem, which we’re assuming is some kind of equally dull drugs company, or toilet sanitation supplier.

With a title like Life on the Road we’re sure most of the film won’t be taking place in offices anyway, but we wonder what kind of points the film will be making about the world of work in the meantime?

Office etiquette has moved on even further

David Brent Life on The Road

Sure, the original series of The Office featured its own share of startled looks (Martin Freeman’s unbelieving look of horror as Tim is one nobody has matched since), and Brent often found himself in scrapes with HR due to complaints being lodged against him nearly every episode. But he always seemed to wrangle his way out of them to middle-manage another day.

15 years on, and he’d better be glad he doesn’t actually work for Lavichem, as he’d be escorted from the premises in an instant were he an employee there.

Singing lurid songs while an office full of people try to make phone calls turn around in disbelief is a sure fire way to make sure you become unemployable for the rest of your life.

It actually looks quite funny

Call us cynical, but it’s not often a trailer for a comedy film actually makes us laugh. But colour us tickled by this teaser, in which Gervais proves that there’s life in the old David Brent character yet.

David Brent: Life on the Road is in cinemas August 19


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