Star Wars Rogue One looks even better than The Force Awakens
star wars rogue one atats battle trailer

We were teased earlier this morning with a ten-second preview for a trailer of the new Star Wars film Rogue One, but now the real deal has landed!

Feast your eyes on a whole one-minute and 35 seconds of brand new Star Wars goodness:

Looks pretty damn amazing, doesn’t it? Here’s five exciting things to take away.

It’ll be darker than Episode VII

rogue one trailer star destroyer

The ‘Star Wars Story‘ series of films are looking to set themselves apart from the main episodes in tone and thematic content. Disney and Lucasfilm are keen to experiment with new styles of storytelling, and these spin-off films could even be seen as an experimental antithesis to the main episodes’ blockbusting formula.

On first impressions, Rogue One looks to be a lot darker and grittier then what we’ve seen before, focusing on a small breakout group of guerillas fighting against the Empire. It’s the Dirty Dozen in space!

Where the Resistance had big shiny bases, the beginnings of the Rebellion seem to be focused in make-shift encampments. This will be scrappy, human-level stuff.

There’s an amazing mix of characters

star wars rogue one trailer

The trailer focuses mainly on Felicity Jones’ character, as she’s taken in as a prisoner for an unknown crime, and subsequently joins the rebellion.

But she’s not the only one ‘rogue’ we see. We also get a glimpse of a goddamn samurai (!)- something of a first for the Star Wars saga – and a burly looking heavy with impressive armour.

It hints at a wide array of characters to get behind, and it’s safe to say if these are the people that make up the Rogue One team, you’ll be arguing over your favourites for some time to come.

It’s a REAL war film

star wars rogue one trailer2

Star Wars films have never really been ‘war’ films. Sure, it’s got ‘wars’ right there in the name, but it’s been described by film buffs as everything but over the years: space opera, sci-fi/fantasy – and it even bears some of the hallmarks of the classic western.

The best war films tend to focus on the plight of a smaller group of soldiers, as they make their way through their objectives, often facing great setbacks at every turn.

Rogue One looks to be taking a micro look at space battles, rather than the large scale epic dogfights we’ve seen from the other movies.

We’re hoping for ‘Fury with X-Wings instead of tanks’.

The old is new again

star wars rogue one atats battle trailer

While the trailer doesn’t look to have debut many new vehicles/weapons etc for nerds to get their teeth into, it does seem to have a knack for making the old feel new again.

We get a glimpse of an incredible-looking footsoldiers again AT-ATs battle, but where we’ve usually seen walkers reserved for the snowy plains of Hoth in the films, now we’re seeing them among lush, exotic looking foliage.

Likewise, the ‘classic’ Stormtroopers seem make a fair few appearances – nothing new there – but this time they’re getting a little rougher with their captives, engaging in hand to hand combat and the like. Oh, and hearing THOSE sirens again? Brilliant.

It looks fantastic

star wars rogue one explosion trailer

And we don’t mean it just looks awesome (because what Star Wars film doesn’t?), but whoever is to credit for the artist direction of the film, bravo!

We’re not sure just how closely the production is sticking to the practical effects mantra laid about by JJ Abrams on Episode VII, but the mix of CGI and ‘real’ VFX looks stunning.

Explosions seems to fizzle with a millions sparks, and it all adds up to a Star Wars film that doesn’t really resemble anything we’ve come to expect before.

Didn’t think Episode VII did enough differently? This could be the film for you.


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