We rank the best Sheffield insults and compliments
Sheffield City Centre

At times, the lingo in Yorkshire’s Steel City of Sheffield can be hard to grasp but, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve ranked the finest Sheffield insults and compliments, ensuring every one’s a bobby dazzler.

9. Nesh

Definitely a Yorkshire thing. You’re always cold. Even when it’s not cold. If you find yourself constantly complaining about being a bit nippy, a tad chilly or flippin’ freezin’, a Yorkshire-man is gonna call you nesh!

Use it in a sentence: “You don’t need a coat, don’t be nesh!”

8. Mardy

As a Derby lass, I was surprised upon moving to Sheffield, to find certain words had also made the trip. Mardy is a great example, heard all over the East Midlands and now the North, it’s basically another term for somebody being grumpy or sulky.

Use it in a sentence: “We wan’ed to g’to Corp but ees bein’ reyt mardy.”

7. Barmpot

Sheffield locals are huge fans of jesting their friends and loved ones, it’s how they show affection sometimes! Barmpot is a classic example of ‘idiot’ or ‘pillock’ that’s commonly heard in Sheffield.

Use it in a sentence: “By’eck, ees a barmpot that lad.”

6. Daft apeth

Typically, a term of endearment rather than an insult, daft apeth is a popular Northern (specifically Lancastrian based) way of saying ‘muppet’. Arguably a phrase that’s going out of fashion nowadays, it’s quite common around Sheffield.

Use it in a sentence: “Thas nowt wrong wi-it, yer daft apeth.”

5. Bobby dazzler

Quaint little Northern term for somebody who scrubs up well. If you make a special effort for a night out or look particularly eye-catching on a random Tuesday, you might be awarded the compliment of being dubbed a bobby dazzler.

Use it in a sentence: “Our lass is a reet bobby dazzler!”

4. Twonk

Another idiot equivalent. Ruder than berk. Less insulting than prat. Heard all over the North of England and originally a mish-mash of two words – one of them being plonker, we’ll leave you to guess the other!

Use it in a sentence: “Ee’ lad, whaddya do tha’ for, you dozy twonk.”

3. Buggerlugs

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A term for somebody who is being grumpy, in Yorkshire it’s another common way of expressing affection whilst also jesting with someone. Tip: don’t look this up on Urban Dictionary, you’ll get the non-Northern, explicit version of this term and it’ll ruin it for you forever.

Use it in a sentence: “‘Ow do, buggerlugs.”

2. Wazzock

Popularised in Yorkshire during the 80’s by “Capstick Comes Home”, wazzock is another common replacement for idiot. Again it’s meant as an insult but spoken without malice – believed to relate to ‘wazz’ (Northern slang for urination).

Use it in a sentence: “You great useless spawny-eyed parrot-faced wazzock.” (Tony Capstick, 1981)

1. Doy

Commonly used as a term similar to ‘doh’, this word is known for being a way of pointing out that somebody said something a bit dim. However, in Yorkshire is also used as a term of endearment, similar to darling! Aww…

Use it in a sentence: “Aye, fair to middlin’, doy.”

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