Doctor Strange gets yet another cookie-cutter Marvel trailer
Dr Strange trailer feature

Quick everyone lose your minds, Marvel have released a brand new trailer for the upcoming Doctor Strange movie starring Sherlock-superstar Benedict Cumberbatch as the title character, get the camera. MUM GET THE CAMERA!


Sadly, Marvel appear to have adopted a formula for their movie trailers, and the result of using these doppelgänger teasers is a sense of deflated excitement – at least for us, anyway.

The trailer starts off with Marvels favourite set-up technique: a slow and ominous voice-over accompanied by minimal footage, most of which shows Benedict Cumberbatch’s character submerged (or looking into?) water.

Dr Strange trailer 2

So, we’re to assume that he’s crashed his car… into a river… or something like that? Marvel’s weirdly ambiguous footage gives us vague hints about the birth of Doctor Strange, and for all the good it will do us, they might as well have not bothered.

From the rest of the trailer, we can assume that the one billionth superhero movie of the decade, will feature Stephen Strange having some kind of accident, and from that, develop supernatural powers… or whatever Marvel usually do to set up their superheroes (it does normally go down that way, doesn’t it?).

Dr Strange trailer 3

From the slow motion walk through a busy street, to the impactful one-liners just before the music kicks in, Doctor Strange’s trailer has all the tropes that you’d expect from a Marvel movie.

Anything with Benedict Cumberbatch as it’s lead has potential to do well, we’re not disputing that, but we’re finding it mighty hard to get excited for any new Marvel films, when all of these trailers look and sound exactly the same.

Expect a rinse-and-repeated version of a generic Marvel hero guys, and don’t be disappointed.


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