15 photos of insanely impressive latte art
Coffee latte art

Trained baristas make latte art look easy, but it’s actually incredibly difficult for mere mortals like you and me to create those stunning swirls and hearts on top of a cup of coffee.

That being said, some especially artistic baristas take things to the next level and can produce everything from detailed portraits to 3D animals floating in your morning latte. Check out our gallery of unreal coffee art from around the world that has to be seen to be believed.

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How could your day not be brightened by this adorable bunny portrait?

Happy Easter from Ogawa Coffee! Open today until 6pm!! #latteart #artbyharuna #easter

A photo posted by Ogawa Coffee (@ogawacoffeeusa) on

Coloured coffee could just be the next big thing

Color the coffee WOHOO!!! Made by gf and me 💑 .. #latteart #latteartgram #cappuccino #coloring

A photo posted by Mickey Wong (@edvinwong23) on

Try a Sherriff Woody matcha latte, pardner

胡迪警長~ #latteart #cafe #brunch #tainan#coffeeart #latteartgram #ラテアート#胡迪 #玩具總動員#police

A photo posted by 性格早餐 性格拉花 (@singlebrunch) on

There’s strong flower power in this mocha

:D #coffeepattern #coffee #mocha

A photo posted by Skic Cheok (@skic_cheok) on

Coffee pizza, anyone?

#PIZZA COCOA 🍕☕️👍 @eliteaudiocoffeebar 📸: @jherren

A photo posted by 🍕 #DailyPizza (@pizza) on

This little piggy looks good enough to eat (/drink)

Such a stunning swan deserves recognition

This latte is literally picture perfect

#camera #latteart #sf

A photo posted by Melaquino (@melaquino) on

Cheeky monkey 3D latte art – we can’t even fathom how this works

#chockfullofbeans #sgcafe #latteart #coffeeart

A photo posted by Chock Full Of Beans (@chockfullofbeans) on

Perfect patterns in delicious Italian coffee

No wonder this peacock looks so proud

This swirly number is a little bit hypnotic

It’s cappucino bath time for this kitty

We couldn’t bear to drink our coffee any other way

Who could actually bring themselves to destroy this masterpiece by drinking it?

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